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A DAY OF PIGS: Lecherous… Could any single moniker possibly be more apt for the times in which we live? Truth is betrayal. Loss, greed and apathy are the mind-numbing norm. Civilization, if it ever existed at all, has collapsed, and we’re all drowning in the afterbirth of a new nihilism; crouching, afraid, desensitized to each other’s suffering, and most of all, depraved. The hopelessness of our culture has a name — we live in A Day Of Pigs. On their Spare Change debut, Lecherous, the NJ-based band rip open the chest of our violent worldview with a barrage of raging noise storms and painful dirges both brutal and addictive in an effort to expose the wreck of humanity for what it is. While others pose themselves on hillto.. read more