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No Digo Mentiras - EP
No Digo Mentiras - EP
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The band was formed in 2007 by guitarists Alexander Mladenov and Plamen Hristov. At first the band's name was Hellriders but later it was changed to 818 which also means Hellriders (HellRiders=HR… H is the 8th leter of the alphabet and R is the 18th) Later the bass guitarist Daniele Febbo came… the first two drummers- Kaloyan Popov and Veselin Spasov left the band because they were not serious enough in their effort. The third drummer- Yavor has another band- Degradat. With Yavor, 818 recorded its first song- Insanity. It was recorded with the basist of Degradat whose name is Alexander because Daniele Febbo was unable to play at that time. This song won 11th plce out of 70 songs who... read more