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The Butterfly Factory
The Butterfly Factory
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Driven by a keen passion for music, 7TS blend different styles in order to create both hard and raw songs and intense and emotional ones.The band was formed in the spring of 2000, by Seth, J.B., Zed and Lenh (the previous bass player).For the old friendship of the components, and the chance of playing and composing every day, in spring 2001 they burned their first work: “Last Friday On Earth”.In June 2003 they released their first album "Falling", nine tracks selected from past two years work. This album, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by 7TS, awfully improved the musical knowledge of the band.Well accepted by Webzines, “Falling” received two nominations at “Blue Arrow” (Italian Webzines Music Award), winning “Bes... read more
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