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Borrowed Arms
Borrowed Arms
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2 foot yardExperimental / Acoustic / PopOAKLAND, CA/NEW YORK, NY, CaliforniaUnited StatesBand Members Carla Kihlstedt (voice, violin); Marika Hughes (cello, voice); Shahzad Ismaily (drums, percussion, guitar)2 Foot Yard shatters the boundaries between art song and pop song by merging the visceral power of rock with the intimacy and warmth of chamber music. Violin, cello, voice, and drums combine to create a cacophony of harmonic (im)balance culled from an astonishing array of musical influences, from acoustic punk to the twang of old country love ballads. This trio features Tzadik recording artist Carla Kihlstedt (Tin Hat, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, The Book of Knots) on violin and vocals, Marika Hughes (Charming Hostess, Vien... read more