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Mike Johnson (Mike Fresh / Jay Dogg) and Joseph (Jazz) met in the US Army in 1989. Since then they have been good friends. They were both DJ´s and since it turned out that Jay Dogg was the better DJ, Jazz got an idea that "You do the DJ´ing and I do the rapping". And it was that way, and they took part in many talent-competitions. When they came to Germany in 1997, they met up with Essie Woods on a party. She gave them her number and they called her the next day. Joane, was a friends of Essence so there we have the group 2-4 Family. As you may notice, it isn´t the same person on the first single and video "Stay" as it is in the other tracks. Joane became pregnant and went back to London to give the birth and she wanted t... read more
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