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Formed in 1995 in East Lansing, MI and as of November 2006, 19 Wheels (also on as Nineteen Wheels) played their last show are are on infinite hiatus. In total the band released two EPs: The Tempermill Recordings (1995) & This Is The Life (2006) and three LPs: Six Ways From Sunday (1996), Sugareen (2001) & Jawbreaker (2004). They also appeared on many compilation albums including Aware Records' AWARE 4 Compilation (1996), The Michigan Compilation (1997) & AWARE 5 Compilation (1997) as well as WGRD's RadioActiv & Bootleg series. The band began with an alt-country sound on The Tempermill Recordings and some of Six Ways From Sunday but transitioned to a power-pop/rock sound over the course of their al... read more