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There are several artists known as 13 Candles1) 13 Candles are one of the most gifted of the Dark Romantic Gothic bands from Britain in the Last Century. Their work is known for its atmospheric power and lyrical subtlety. They are probably amongst the best-read of the Anglo-Saxon Gothic ensembles still standing.Formed in 1992 in Lowestoft / Wellingborough UKCurrent MembersLouis Holloway - Vocals, GuitarJustin Dracul - Bass, Guitar, ProgrammingMarc Hoyland - Guitar, Keyboards, ProgrammingPrevious Members:Vocals: Danny J. FinchBass: Damien (Session)Keyboards: Tim Turner, Black Angel Drums: Dan Theobald (Twisted Autumn Darkness, Pantheon I, Heathen Deity, Ethereal Forest, Dämmerfarben), Paul Mackey2) 13 Candles was also th... read more