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1-800-ZOMBIE was formed in 2005, by two friends trying something new. The band consists of two friends, Robin (Fresh Prince) and Aimee (JazzyJazz). The band released their first EP, 'All She Got Was A Bloody Nose' in May 2006 via MySpace blog. Waiting two more years, the band then released their first full length album, 'Holy Shit!' via Aimee's own Siamese! Records. The band created three songs, 'XXYY', 'Sirens', and 'That Lady is a Bush' after 'Holy Shit!', but no one really knows if they will ever serve a purpose. Aimee, who now has her own solo project, (Talk to Animals) has confirmed that the band is slowly coming to a close. We have most likely seen the last of ... read more
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