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Yessir, sort of thinking Mr Man gone crazy with dem contract, contract dem attorney waving,
but me na pressure, na sign until we get another zero pon de figure, a million sounds better
Cause Granny inna hospital (what a shame)
And dem say she'll never walk at all (stroke a blame)
Me na trouble you with the personal (true me name)
But business a business, you dig it ya'll

And me na play conceited but me know seh you a make whole heap a money upon de
Rastaman flow, me can't take your shorted check
Original bad man come inna your place and just shoot you down

The ghetto youth we want Platinum Status
With more money than we know how fi manage
And any youth who no try large up, large up dem profile,
Dem just a do themselves damage

Can't take no handshake, why dem a pretend seh that you business well care for
Can't take no man who tell you sign here blind, long time don youth well
Prepared for,

Now me say

Joey is a singer (Him never stop)
Him have de number one single (top of all de charts)
Two Grammy and de record dem (frame inna back)
But present day Joey's working the block

And when de policeman catch you out
Call your label and dem send the attorney come fi
Talk to judge and bail you out…
But nothing comes free, you under contract another five years
Sign here…..F that.


See how they do you… Wise man say you better
Remember now when the mighty Zulu give you a warning
The woman dem a wait backstage, and stand plenty
And your limo is a Hyundai Excel drop top, on gold twenties,

You must fi think seh that I am a sufferer, me mind inna de gutter
I have the uzi with de verbal clip,
I have de woman and we watch dem strip,
I am de ni**a with de gangsta shit.

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