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[Verse 1]
I used to pour the E and J in my vanilla soda melt
That's back when PLP would crank the Roosevelt
You can learn to know the culture better than you know yourself
We show no signals you wouldn't even know to help
Iyesha asked me so I told her how I felt
Ain't no sleepovers less she go below the belt
Times getting hard I ain't got time
If it ain't you I'll end up doing something else
I prefer the term nigga I'll define it for you
Shucking and jiving and European designer for you
My mama told me early on, boy they cannot afford you
And it don't mean you doing right just because they all adore you
So how's a nigga supposed to feel
When another rapper posed to be your nigga do you ill
And don't give you proper credits as he goes approach a deal
Just to yell at muthaf*ckas bout how we should keep it real huh
f*ck you thought it was, f*ck you thought it was
Paps wit the shits been with the shits aye
Took a season off minks in the summer ooh
Shorts in the winter damn that's a bummer aye
Ratchet by my stomach sippin on coronas
Nigga ain't shit change but the location
Nigga ain't shit change but the location
From where scheming ass niggas get an ovation
No hands but the claps on rotation
A bunch of good pharmacist with no patience
Nigga ain't shit change but the location
[Verse 2]
Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is Zippa
Z to the I-P
4-0-4 the first numbers in the Y-P
Run with yute dem, gas and Selasi
Getting brain in the car seat up at cross keys
Stealing change when my boss leaves, like its golf season
Imma need a caddy and some car keys
Like I'm ballin' at the Barclays in my Barkley's
I pivot in the post and get um off me
You a softy I'm in the cooper colored coffee
Insult me I pull up quick as Valentino Rossi
In this short life livin life taught me
The rap game cheap and the dope game costly
Yeah and where ya at nigga?
Cause ain't shit changed but the location

[Bridge 1]
Why you got me riding with a tommy in my Tommys
Why you got me riding with a tommy in my Tommys x2

[Bridge 2]
Twelve got me riding with a tommy in my Tommys
And you baby nigga like Tommy
And you know I got time nigga I ain't gotta job like Tommy
No job like Tommy whoa
[Verse 3]
They got me out my element
I was raised right now I think I'm settling
So every A3C and every South By I know I'm wit a buncha rappers that I'm better than
I know my story much realer than the fairy tales
Bitch you couldn't by this with a million dollar bill
You sleepin on me like bill gave you pills
But ain't my last heat still give you chills
All these niggas act like they don't need a deal
Niggas tryna reinvent the wheel
I'm just tryna reinvent the sauce
Chop sui wax on wax off
My OG rock a old black cloth Imma black sheep made it Hugo type BOSS nigga
And ain't shit change but the location
Where ya at?

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