Fake Lyrics

Pass that drank, pass that dro, I'm screamin out Yolo Yolo.
I get that money, I'm on my grind, and God's forgiven any fault of
You ridin round and you getting it, all this time you missin it.
Boy you best start listenin, that ain't what a Christian is.
If you say you love Him and you don't obey,
His word says you're a liar, simply just a fake.

Verse 1:
Move at night, you're losin light, smoked out like a hookah pipe,
You intend on playin games, so Mario and Koopa fight.
You and Christ be super tight? But your actions just don't prove it,
Cuz you would rather lose ya life, getting faded with your crew tonight.
Jaegerbombs, bangin broads, excuse it cuz you ain't sober,
Wakin up a few hours later, up in church with a hangover.
“It's all good, I'm forgiven, it don't matter how I'm livin,
Y'all just best stop judging me, cuz God's gone keep on lovin me.”
That's twisted, that's backwards, that's jacked up, that's cheap
That's hostile, you're lost bro, that's not the Gospel we preach.
If you're reborn, you'll be torn on these choices you're making.
Repentance, change of heart, love God, hate sin.
So tell me what's the good if a man gain the world,
And then loses his soul and is disdained by the Word.
Paid in full, ain't no lease on a Nissan,
God breaks up Jacob, lets Esau be Esau! Hook
Verse 2:
Alright, eenie meenie miny mo', all these folks walk out the door.
And act like you don't give the law, like what you really livin for?
Ridin with the enemy, losin your identity,
Chasin them dead presidents, and getting it by any means.
Aint no bible in your hand, instead you got a piece to trigger,
Sellin dope that's in demand, then slappin on a Jesus sticker.
That's a walkin contradiction, that's a Pharoah reprobate,
Hardened heart to God's command, when there ain't been no effort made.
God done took my blinders off, made anew regenerated.
Been reborn, I fear the Lord, the Spirit's sword has penetrated.
Now every time I go astray, I get hit with deep conviction,
I seek to live, like Jesus did, I got the call, I see the mission.
If you could understand from where I was to where He brought me,
I'm thankful for His discipline, cuz nothing else would stop me.
I escaped from Shawshank, this prison confinement,
Get busy livin, or get busy dying! Hook (x2)

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