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The aforementioned bad does not, in any shape, form, or manner now known, (or means yet to come) endorse, approve, or legitimise the idea of evolution. Nor do we imply that the number zero is to be treated preferentially above any other number, except perhaps the number three, but by no means the number thirteen, and six is right out, especially if preceded by two or more of like number, unless immediately followed by seven. If, at this point, you're still offended by the lyrical content of this song, this exactly the kind of pig-headed, philistine ignorance we have come to expect from those who would take offence, or even time to listen to, such a disclaimer like this, and tend to think you'd be better served by purchasing an album by Zamphir. Not that we think Zamphir is lacking in talent of the sort, or by an means inferior...although the visual aesthetics of his ailing infomercials make one wonder how such a product actually appeals to the masses at such an ungodly hour. Not that we believe that any one given hour is more godly or more spiritual than any other, although David did tend to pray to God in the early morn...but that is neither here nor there, considering that in such a modern, industrialised society, such as that we live in, could be compared to such a fashion as hours or time... (Blinkin' Henry, this does go on and on, doesn't it?) ...or time to that of the post stone-age society, like the ones of David and such live in. However, we do feel that David and Zamphir would have enjoyed each other's company, as said musicians in the art of flute-like instruments. Thank you. Good day.

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Record Label(s): 1997 Gotee Records

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dmmaseoseoseo 12/13/11,08:04

Sometimes I question the internet and what is posted? Recently it seems to have become an epidemic, although it seems to be changing for the better. What do you think?
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