Ain't Worried Lyrics

Ayy, cj

[Verse 1: ceo]
I walk around like I am the man (Yeah)
Turn us out (What?), I'm the man
You can see it in a demon
I'm creepin'
Her panties is leakin'
Leave the scene, I'm fleetin'
I'ma send 'bout ten dawgs
That can have you up on a shelf
Karate chop, Black Belt
Ah, boy, I might melt
I ain't worried 'bout a nigga help
Free my cousin out the cell (Out the cell)
Profit comin' in the mail (Mail)
I never take a L (No)
I'm big dog status (What?)
Nigga, f*ck that scale (Nigga, f*ck that scale)
Nigga, why you mad at me? (Why?)
'Cause I f*cked your bitch? (Ha)
'Cause you walked in on her (Damn)
While she suckin' my dick? (Ah)
That's a Kodak moment
Let me take this flick
Trunk loans in the Hummer
We ain't worried 'bout shit (No)

[Verse 2: Zaehd]
We ain't worried 'bout shit (Huh?)
Especially not 'bout a bitch (Naw)
The hood called you a snitch (Okay)
Let me give you a stitch (Bah)
Baseball, I'ma hit (Hit)
Take your shit, you a lick
Rollie, Patek, wrist pink
You niggas broke like hitch
Ayy, broke like hitch (Hitch)
Bitch, let's make a flick (Uh-huh)
Drums like Nick (Grrah)
Not the one like the Rick (Roof)
Sellin' dick at the show (White)
Bitch, where's the blow?
Owe six, where's the dro?
Backwoods from the store (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

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Songwriter(s): CEO, ZaeHD

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