Never Take Me Alive Lyrics

They'll never take me alive, sleeping with one eye open
I'm paranoid f*ck sleep, and I'm drinking and I'm smoking
Ain't no love in my heart, too many times it been broken
So my lifestyle is f*ck y'all niggas, and I ain't joking

They'll never take me alive, I'ma be dumping till it's over
A soldier, with a 50 caliber pistol in my holster
Ready to brandish my weapon, on the bitch made
Hoe ass niggas like Crooked Profit, get the switchblade
I hope you bitches, and you hoes know
That I don't love you, you can get a blow to your nose
Just like a nigga catching cases, ain't shit to a nigga that do it daily
Dropping salt on my enemies, till you bitches come and face me
Let's get it cracking, what you waiting on
Better pray to Jesus, cause my neighborhood is Satan zone
Set tripping is what I do, wet niggas and bitches too
Loc up on you riding, cause I'm violent all my roll dogs looking for you
I handle my own beef, ain't gotta get nobody else to solve it
Cause my 3-57, can just revolve it
Or we can go with them hands, in the middle of the sand
Going out on my own terms is my plan, I'm paranoid

[Hook - 2x]

These motherf*ckers got me clicking, running out my mind
M double A-B till I D-I-E, I ain't slowing down
I've been a soldier from the jump, don't run up to get you stomped
Or dump the side of my trunk, this reality ain't no punk
So I clicked up with guerillas that was Maabing, drug dealing and robbing
On the block shifer than vaulters, cause motherf*ckers was starving
My brother got caught in the midst, they hit him 3 with a L
So the only thing that we got, is communicating through mail
f*ck the judge and the district attorney, and I'ma catch him
All the pain building up, is gon teach them bitches a lesson
I ain't never did shit, and I ain't never had shit
So don't you look like you confused, when I hop in my mask bitch
Blast bitch, or become another victim of homicide
You in danger if my anger, provoke a nigga to ride
I'm wishing murder on every friend, that turned to be my foes
I'm a asshole by nature forever, so f*ck you hoes

[Hook - 2x]

Ain't no escaping guerillas, when they coming in packs ready to attack
With a black gat, only to leave your lifeline flat
We don't know how to act, and you can blame it on the cops
On the block late night, running with rocks and it don't stop
Because we untamed, trying to escape the rain
No matter how hard that we try, we just can't escape the pain
Insane, is what I be going I'm never gon be the same
Screaming all of you motherf*ckers names, simple and plain

DJ and DJ, wanna see how many hearts I rip
But you be friendly in the presence, of a gangsta bitch
When you talk down on my family, bro you f*cking with mine
So catch me one deep out the window, as I'm bucking my nine
Ain't got no love for nothing, that got love for a nigga
Cause in the end, they end up having slugs for a nigga
So f*ck a vest, if I'm destined to get one in my chest
I guess I'ma hook up with Pac, and puff on some of heaven's best bitch

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Record Label(s): 2006 2006 Guerilla Maab Entertainment
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