I'm Slowly Dying On The Inside
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I'm Slowly Dying On The Inside Lyrics

Well I hope in the greater scheme of things this is actually recording because if it's not I'm really just gonna sit here and cry my little-little baby-baby-b-baby boy eyes out you know what I'm saying?
I fell like I'm just gonna cry
I'm just gonna be a really really really really really sad guy
I'm just gonna be so little sad and pathetic little boy
A little sad boy, if-if you must... ya know?

[Verse 1]
I'm sad I don't really wanna be happy
I'm on the be-on the beat but not be happy
Hey how you doin' neighbor I'm not f*cking happy
Don't talk about my day bitch I need my coffee!
I really need something like from Starbucks
An iced mocha frappuccino cappuccino I'm starstruck
Every time I go to the place where I see my ex working and shes waving and saying hey but I'm like bitch!
Don't come near me
I've been working everyday and it's not clearly the same day
That I saw you that day when I fell in love
And if you wanna talk about shit in the past naw'
I just noticed that you hanging with that new guy, some low fries, some small fries, some french fries, that McDonalds, that five guys you've been f*cking with
I don't really f*cking care but I'm trying to get over your shit man

Why do I feel like I'm not allowed to be happy
Why can't I just sit here and be happy, with you
Why can't it just be you, why can't it just be...you

[Verse 2]
Okay a dates a date
We got the food and then you cleared your plates
I stood up and I was like wait
Where you goin', I still miss you, how you goin'
Girl you plannin' somethin' more?
I'm here but you won't talk no more
I think we're, movin' to the atmo'sphere, cause it's not clear
Cause in my eyes I still feel the tears
I'm a white boy yeah I can't change that shit up
I'll still stay the night, but I might never shut up

[Verse 3]
Ayy okay I'm back on the beat no vibe
No melody to keep me while I'm going with the drive
And on my feet a colden my bodies colder cause I'm dead on the side of the walkway oh no I'm older
And I'm not feeling the same
And I don't got the same brain
And I'll just make the same bars every day of the week
And that's okay because
That's okay because
That's okay because
Because I'm really weak eyy

And I'm feelin' so, I'm feelin' so, I'm feelin' so fine, Yeah
That's okay, That's okay because I'm feeling so fine

[Verse 4]
Another bar will keep me going for another day
Keep me f*ckin' fed
Because I'm mother f*cking going through a haze
And it's steamy and a little not clear
And I could talk about my week, my day, or my year
And if I would look at the camera this would look clear
And you would believe I'm not reading lyrics off of the computer screen
And that's okay because I never scream
I'm already scared inside and frightened
And I'm breaking from the seams
And if I could stay hydrated I would be thinner
Eat, walk fast-
Any body wanna see Leonard Skinnerd with me in concert
Wait they're already done
I'm not that old and I wasn't born in the seventies hun
Oh, but I'll just keep on going
I'll just keep up on the beat and every bodies flowin'
Everybody tries to steal the heat but they already be knowin'
All the f*cking people love me cause
I only show em' what I'm feelin' inside

Hey guys
Love you *Kiss*
You're cute *Smooch*
This is Yungtubesock Matt
Bye *click*

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Songwriter(s): Yungtubesock
Record Label(s): 2020 Yungtubesock
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