The Infamous Young Soulja Lyrics

The Infamous Young Soulja
yo yo yo yo you are now tuning in with the infamous young soulja/
Don't you know cash rules everything around me 7X
[Verse one]:
Around me, lil nigga I go/
Stunt on em hard wearing braids or a fro/
Bitch, you better give me my green/
Before I give a right, left, and a shoulda lean/
I stack chips like Frito Lay/
And I bang with the sharks out in San Jose/
You ain't the bakers man, you don't touch no dough/
You can press the gas more than once, and still won't go/
[verse two]:
Since I got money in the bank, now they callin' me rich/
And oil in my mouth cause I talk so slick/
When you see me like a bulldozer, better get out tha way/(move 4X)
cause im fresher then a can of febreeze up out in the bay/
Ya'll succas is some clowns, get pinched like red noses/
I'm building arks for these rappers like my name moses/save me
Tricks tryna get saved, but this e40/
This the infamous young soulja who you thought it was homie (7X) [Sirens and gunshots]
[verse three]:
I'm built strong like a ford with a hemi/
And my balls hella sag like a bag of a million pennies/
It's a milli a milli a millions kiddies/
And I bust it on her face like she really ain't pretty/
But she, almost fine as Christina million/
When she suck it suck it f*ck it f*ck it, and when I cum I'm gone/
It takes a while, I keep it cummin', like a faucet/
Cash me out and put it in my hand like a deposit/
She love the sex, I get her wet, I put her on the team/
Recognize the mo skills camp how we getting' green/
You would think I'm vapor water how I stay up on the rise/
You gon need to copp a shirt, if you want them purple eyce/
I keep a bitch on hold, like she was a hanger/
And make the high notes, like she was a R&B sanger (singer)/
Yes I know I'm clean but I don't even smell like soap/
Just roll me up in a blanket and smoke me cause I know I'm dope/
(gun shots) (DJ back spin)
Just roll me up in a blanket and smoke me cause I know I'm dope/

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