What You Gon Do Lyrics (ft. Glasses Malone & Sean Brown)

I got a stack in my hand
Now what you gonn do this for this money, girl
What you gonn do
I got a stack in my hand
Now what you gonn do this for this money, girl
What you gonn do

Stacks on deck, swag on point, sippin henny straight
What's your choice, what your mouth do, use your voice
Bust that open, I need that moist,
Swim, swim good, they tell me I'm the man in my neighborhood
Got the streets watchin, niggas wish they could
These hoes termites, they be on the wood, yeah
Bandits in the stereo, nah, I can't f**k with a stary hoe
Sit on my lap and go round like a merry go
Switch the scenario, pop that cherry hoe
Cameras erywhere I go, how bout we make a video
Yeah, if you with it, let's get it, I home run shit, let me hit it
Type of nigga get a pussy, see I did it
And money ain't a thang but how much is you with it?


Racks over here, racks over there, this rack city, bitch I'm the man
Run this town, cause I throw it all, now another truck load
Brought down with one call, teach you how to ball
Bask in the les, check this whip, nigga class in session
Need to take notes, if you hoes tryina earn
Hit that pole, show me what you learn
Man these niggas ain't g'd up,
That ain't loud, turn your motherf**king weed up
Money talk and your motherf**king voice down
Real or fake, make your motherf**king choice now
Ain't no all the above, I don't need change,
Shit I'm throwing all dubs
In the club, burberry beans, thugging like f**k it
Everytime you see us


I got 1's in my left hand, 20's in my right hand
Bout to make that pretty light skin do a f**kin dance
On the stage all night, got me on the prowl like
No creep status, I just wanna beat it like
A'ight give me what I want now
She gonn make it drop down
Hit the floor and take it back up, I'm in shock now
The girl got skills, I'm fin to pay her bills
We gonn make a f**king video, holla at
Ass so soft, she said baby how it feel
I said just right baby you the real deal
She said I can keep it going, if you keep the money flowing
She gonn bust it, bust it, bust it wide open
I got no more cash in my hand
Now I gotta it the atm
And I know they charge a fee, I know they charge a fee
But this girl right here, she a 10!


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