Get Em' Jeezy Lyrics

Get Em' Jeezy, I got Em'
Get Em' Jeezy, I got Em'
Get Em' Jeezy, I got Em'
Get Em' Jeezy, I got Em'
Get Em' Jeezy, I got Em'
Get Em' Jeezy, I got Em'
Get Em' Jeezy, I got Em'
Get Em' Jeezy, I got Em'

(Verse 1)
I need a docter i got a sick wrist game (damn)
hit the blunt twice then i switch lanes (yeah)
im ridin' on some grown men (what)
what you wanna play let the games begin'(thats right)
on the count of three here we go (go)
i dont talk fast ya'll just listen slow (slow)
they need glasses they aint seein' me (uh uh)
stevie wonda ass niggas aint seein' me (naw)
four x white tee and a wife beata (gea)
got my desert eagle call it seniorita (thats right)
got a way with words paint a picture man /
i dont smoke phillies ima swisher man /


(Verse 2)
catch me in walters spendin' grands man (what)
when i leave they got to help me tote my bags man (aayy)
jeezy poppin' tags you betta make way (gea)
drought a vouch for me ask kumate'(thats right)
and i dont think they heard me
aint no nigga in the leage got more jerseys(what)
no matter the price
i can wear one everyday for the rest of my life (yeah)
i aint gon' lie i got a lot of paper
so when im out shinin' i see allot of hata's (gea)
im rich bitch i cant help but brag(what u talkin?)
more g's then a gucci bag


(verse 3)
ya album garbage i bought ya shit man
i listen to it know its in the trash can (x3)
think jeezy a lier
spit the straight drop nigga set the city on fire (what)
call the firemen (gea)
all you fake rap niggas betta retire man (yea)
real reconize real nigga(like wise)
sell allot of chickens call me popeyes (gea)
you tryin' to hard i make it look easy
and all that cheap ass jewlery gottcha lookin' cheesy (yea)
dont make me laugh (ay)
see this shit around my neck it cost a brick and a half


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