West Side Story Lyrics

[Dirty Red:] Yeah, this is how we do it y'all
[DJ Yella:] check it out, tell them where we from
[Dirty Red:] Westside, yeah, that's right
[DJ Yella:] Dirty Red is in the house, drop it for them

[Verse 1: Dirty Red]
It all started on a hot summer day
Creepin' through L.A. - in a 6 Tray Choverlet
Impala, turned it up, Crenshew
We hit the streets so I put the chrome grip on my lap y'all
That's how we do it on the West Side
Ain't nothin' nice when the nigga wanna who-ride
So I glide, the further I go, the thicker the hoe
The shit was on the deck for the gigolo
I moved slow to the liquor bang Parking Lot
My nigga Yella got a taste for some pimpin' knots
Since Little Burners, we're quick learners
So f**k stress, on a night like this
You got to give it your best

[Chorus: Michel'le]
We're on the West Side
Swear on the West Side
Yeah, ooooohhhh

[Verse 2: Dirty Red]
Fresh out the sack, I'm feelin' kind of right
I'm pullin' down my Rag Top, high as a kite
Boom shinnin' of the streets' light
When my 17th Crowl sounds bump the concrete
This is how the Gs ball
Got the glock 10, sittin' smooth in the cut
Just incase some shit jumped, I ain't goin' out like no punk
In my trunk sittin' petty, a Chrome Desert Eagle
Ain't trippin' of no One Time cause all my shit is legal
I pulls to the right, some niggaz lookin' shady
Thinkin' cause I'm solo, that maybe they can fade me
A little bit crazy but I'm keepin' my composure
Think up on my head bein' puffin' on my Dojah
Cause we're on the West Side

[Chorus: Michel'le]
We're on the West Side
Swear on the West Side

[Verse 3: Dirty Red]
I glanced to my right, these niggaz damn ain't trippin'
I put my shit on safety and continue with my dippin'
You'll see me when you spittin, like this clip to my left
I blow my smoke, clear my throat, put Indo in my chest
Peep my game, haters think, come on us to take a ride
Dippin' into a spot over on the West Side
You can get the drink, but bring your whole dank
Cause bitches nowadays, be all about that gank
I bust me a bitch, and pulls to the store
Cause a got a crave for a cold 40 O
And a philly, yeah, so I can get a little tipsy
See my nigga E in a Cold Eight fifty
We're on the West Side

[Chorus: Michel'le w/ Minor Variations]
We're on the West Side
West Side, stalkin'
Swear on the West Side
We're on the West Side ooooohhhh yeah
West Side, started
We're on the West Side
We're on the West Side
West Side, started, yeah
We're on the West Side
Inside the West Side, yeah
West Side, started
Dirty Red is on the West Side, yeah
West Side, started
JT is on the West Side, West Side

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Songwriter(s): Kevyn Bernard Carter, Darlene Sims, Antoine Carraby
Publisher(s): Songs Of Universal Inc., Not For Kids, Shaki Grounds Muzic, D. J. Yella Muzick

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