Everything Is Cool Lyrics

[Intro] [XV talking]:
Yeah. And now for your...feature presentation. The square in the circle. A radio fly production. And a Royalty City film. Yerrdigg? Speech!

[Verse One]:
I got a hunch that nigga Vizzy back
Hello Moto, no Toto where I'm at
Hello my lady
Hello my honey
Hello creativity
Bye bye money
It's like hip hop doesn't want me here
But I'm cornering the game like a circle in a square
Rock skater shoes and said it ain't hood
While my people co-sign like my credit ain't good

Everybody's fly, everybody's a rapper
Everybody hustle, everybody's a trapper
But I Don't Fit In
I Don't Fit In
Everybody tough, every dude is a thug
Everybody party, everyone in the club
But I Don't Fit In
I Don't Fit In

Against all odds but I tell 'em to deal me in
Cause in my silly bin I think that I really win
Live in living color, I'm a Complex brother
So the day that I come, black and white fill me in

[Hook] (x2)
Haters and fakers, everybody go
Hipsters and gangsters, welcome to the show
Everything is everything and everything is cool
Everything is everything and everything is cool

[Verse Two]:
Everybody asks, "X where can we find you?"
The last three months I've been with Erykah Badu
Just last week I saw some crochet pants
And said, "Damn. I'mma give these a chance."
Can't even say I'mma do this for the fans
Cause all it seem like everybody wanna do is dance
It's like what your parents always said
If Soulja Boy jumped off of a bridge then we all would be dead
I'm like, "Do they hear what I hear?"
Thinking on your own is just so last year
Since when did life become so cheesy
That we gotta watch other people on TV
These fads are becoming outlandish
And being fly is kinda Peter Pan-ish
No need to Panic
I was just At The Disco and came up with something to get my hands in
I took a break to let 'em breathe
Seven said, "You keep giving them crack, they gonna lose all of they teeth."
But I'm cool with that G
Cause that'll prevent all these broke MC's from biting me

[Hook 2] (x4)

[Verse Three]:
No lie, I did the whole fresh thing
But I did it before they even knew what fresh mean
My kicks crazy but I had to let go
And rappers trying to be me retro is metro
I'm sorry if I'm bitching like my prescription is estro
I'm just tired of niggas f*cking with my escrow
Gotta a problem? Let X know
I run circles 'round square MCs, so let's go
Vending machine flow, you know that I'm gonna pop
Cause I shake 'em up, whenever I drop
But it's a New Era like the fitted on my knot
And it's not really hip to listen to hip hop
On track/trek to be Star with nothing to cling on/Klingon
Nobody's making a stand, who can I lean on?
Pardon me if I seem gone
It just seems rap just turned into one big ring tone
106 to Park, I can't play it yo
And I turn to Captain Hook around radios
But I flow cause I know I'm better
So I'm back for vengeance like V For Vendetta
Like that

You may wonder
"How you gonna write raps if you don't be up in the trap?"
You may wonder
"Man I thought you'd get fresh, then where's your big chain at?"
You may wonder
"What about your street cred? Homie didn't you go to school?"
And I just wonder
Why all these fools thing everything is cool?

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