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Ok I set out to be legendary tell me how dat sound
Distorted Wrekords Wrek has carried back from the slak lounge
Africa and back now shackled to manilla
Still Everything remains raw when you ain't cooking dinner
See my Ego on Sumo ain't getting any thinner
Love don't live here no more but I'm down to kick it witcha
Made waves with these freestyles I gave the game a perm
The morning dew was dropping while my eyes were steady burned
Act cocky and you may get further than you thought you ever would
To meet that green eyed lady she got that extra good
Too much sauce now I'm feeling stress
Battle me out at the Wala cam you walking in they pray and bless
Bendicion to you chilling sitting in the moonlight
Come through chill No need to pop a pill we'll get the mood right
Bad Girls go and throw your hands
Confetti falling from the night sky they came to celebrate the man
Location Remote one note he's like a ghost
Super High he can float his soul is icy cold
Wrek Here y'all want that Halftime Medley
Electric Funeral y'all know them loud sounds deadly
The Barrage had 'em talking like That's not real
Nobody out in Vice City ever rapped that trill
You know I popped up in this just to tell you it goes up
Apostle's warning for the ones who didn't know what's what
So just hold up Wreko bout to get right witcha
Get you some of this Free Smoke the Lanes might split ya
These Creekside villas got them Random Windows
Fruere Vita every day I'm trying to get the tempo
Dead Bodies fall on every drop it's worth the weight
The dedication to the facts a Nuclear Round that devastates
I stepped on stage they seen a cosmic ray
And I been putting work in ever since to get inside the hall of fame
They said be careful cuz the game has got revolving doors
The finish lines are feeling farther than they were before
But I been speeding on my journey twin turbo
Guava gods 305 plugged into the servo
Welcome to the Raturn of a new perspective
That got the people running out to get they health protected
Did 52 in a year this here completes the set list
Without further ado I come to you this is the wrexit
Are you not entertained did I leave you breathless
Or are we overstimulated from this worldly nexus
I been on next shit so long I feel congested
I spit and drop the message like I'm flash quite impressive
They ready for the album hooks and my introspectives
I'm bout to visit Pressure point to press what I've neglected
The boy was meant for this ever since that mic erected
Head in to 2020 like I had my sight corrected
Break chains and lemme get both my hands free
Swinging on the limits like I know they can't stand me
Every time they set up shop I break 'em like a land speed
Record on the record screaming louder than a banshee
Bitch I'm on my Pat Bate killing shit
52 signed off strong with the penmanship
Kicking through the morning like I'm mourning all these images
Of everything I've done from then to now like a sentencing
Court be adjourned Benjamin ain't innocent
He's guilty of the killing of like anything you give to him
Any f**king style any joint any ligament
The 21st millenniums equivalent of lyricist
Voice is an instrument naturalized citizen
The best thing imported to the states since cinnamon
Kids quit fidgeting look at what your witnessing
I am just a dissident who's dissonant with insolence
Emcees sweet need a big dose of insulin
Been remaining vigilant since J Pure was injured and
I do not forget the places that I've been to kick it in
Or any of the people that I've met at any incident
They have grown ambivalent time to bring the focus back
Clips so loca that they jam like a soca track
I am no Joker jack I just get to smoking stacks
Backing my opponents into corners like a cul-de-sac
Kill em all get em all lined up mind f**k Diddy with a Jeffrey
Spit it up lit it up rhyme nuts fly cuts benny on the jet stream
Live and let live and get paper to save ya waiting to net dreams
Couldn't kill it on they own if I left 'em alone right next to an Epstein
Started back at the tip top like starter caps
Worked through the year and just bombed the tracks
Shit I almost feared I had a heart attack
But I made it through with time to spare and lines to scheme
Clocking out from from making Wednesdays Wrek 2019

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Songwriter(s): Wrekonize
Record Label(s): 2019 Strange Music, Inc
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