Slice Lyrics

Like the sound of thunder, and without a blunder
Spinning on the wheels is the yellow skinned wonder
So keep your body moving stay right on time
Cause like Yella the music is on your mind
Well I remember just a little while back
When the dj's was starting to disco scratch
And it was only done by just a few
One was DJ Yella of the Wreckin Cru
They came from everywhere just to see
A Yella throwin down at the E.A.D
The Eve After Dark soon became the Penthouse
But that didn't stop Yella from turning it out
Because Yella cut the record down to the bone
And Lonz got me rockin on the microphone
Yeah He can cut so fast he's lightning quick
Cause all it takes is just a flick of his wrist


So move your butt and shake your hips
Because he taking you on a party trip
I'm not talking bout a preacher or talking bout school
Not teaching Sunday class or the golden rule
I didn't mention stars, science and such
Because I'm talking bout the one that makes you swing your butt
Yella Master rocks and he's calling the shots
With a sure fire mix to dance you out your sox
Yella took a test to be the best
You see He scored so high he put down all the rest
The answers clear there's no questions asked
Of who the best dj that cutting it fast
Yella is the one mixing so precise
So all you other dj's take this advice
Ya Don't be a fool and try to slice cause when you
Go against Yella you'll pay the price


He's on his way as he's plays the role
To make you feel it in your heart and feel it in your soul
I said Y.E.L.L.A
Yella cuts the records in the hardest way
So step out your shoes don't take a chill pill
Cause Yella is the one that's so for real
Now You know that's right just couldn't be wrong
So all you real party freaks just come along
You feel the base, tweeter and woofa sound
Ya Trip the Life fantastic as Yella throws down
You hear him mix and then you'll say
Well He's the masta rocker, the best DJ
Masta rockin on your mind and feel it all the time
Cause he's the link to the party line
Yella is the master that takes command
And he's always rockin when the party begins


He syncopating, innovating, captivating, motivating
Synchronizing, mesmerizing, hypnotizing, energizing
Stultifying, mystifying, on the one and high flying
Taking you to the top ha
And making you want to rock yeah
So take it to the bank with your versatile card
That the DJ that is rockin hard is the DJ Yella of the Wreckin Cru
Rockin it up just for you
I said Yella is the one mixing so precise
So all you other dj's take this advice
You don't be a fool and don't try to slice
Cause when you Go against Yella you'll pay the price


Just cut it up Yella
To the beat Yella
Get the party people out their seat Yella
Cut it up Yella
To the beat Yella
Just cut it up
Just cut it up to the beat yall
It's the Wreckin Cru
Rockin out your seat yall
Just cut it up Yella
Cut it up Yella

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