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Aye, that's an Oagz beat

[Verse 1]
I woke up in an alleyway, was it a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday?
I don't know but I'm scattered aye, I got happy on the Alizé
Looking like an Alligator when I'm snapping at a prey, yeah
I've been racking up my brain, yeah
I don't have another way, yeah
People have faith so I had to pray
No wait, is it Sunday?
Seeking the light, might leak from the sun-ray
Leaving; I run, can't flee from my demons, for f*ck sake
He's seeking my soul, can't keep my control, they see it til I'm frustrated
But I can't say shit 'cause they won't believe me like "That cunt's crazy"
Thinking "f*ck, maybe I'm insane so they must restrain me
Aye, the stage is set, I'm ready and well
Taking steps to better myself before I end up in hell
The devil was an angel that got fed up and fell
'Cause he went and rebelled but I'm a rebel as well
Yeah I get you could tell, I never repent and I never would tell
I'm getting stressed from the records I sell like will I ever excel?
But I gotta thank my friends, I've been getting their help and well
Well, I've been changing lately
Still the same shit from my day-to-day
I'm dazed and laying, wish I was traded places with someone faceless
'Cause the phase degrading, yeah, that's no safe haven
In the flames I'm Hades, in the day I'm Satan
An ancient mistake, I'm afraid to make it here
But gimme a tape; the hatred
Raging razor blades in the face of haters
I've been led away but the bigger way's baited
I'm getting on track and I train every day
No radio-plays and we're changing stations
Praise the greatest, but I courageous
I'm ashamed of mistakes that I've made, I hate it
The devil ain't something you wanna play with
It's a game, nah, raising the stakes of Vegas
Lay awake for ages, I may just fade away
Debating caving in, that ain't a thing I'll just fake it
Wake at eight, the neighbours say I'm A-okay
Mate I'm just doing my thing
Yeah, so they assume it's it
Really I've been losing it
Losing grip of reality and my sanity
And I couldn't give a f*ck if a rapper wanna battle me
Spin with the cavalry, kings in the back like skitzing analagy
Spit that, sick like an allergy
It's that kid from the Tassie scene that was rapping tight
And I put it on the map like a satellite gallery
How to die happily, life flies by at a rapid speed
Have a try, analyse life and the galaxies
Yeah, should I leave it at that?
Does it have a reason, or is it just a means to an end
I seriously think God's demons are angels
So what should I believe in the end?
Wait-wait, I'd better stop speaking of them
Just pretend it's easy for them
But the reaper sees over my shoulder
So cold he won't leave til the end
But still I try reach for the edge
Falling, yeah I'm falling
I get too deep with the pen
Falling, yeah I'm falling
Could it be my descent?
Falling, yeah I'm falling
He's falling, yeah
I guess I'll never know peace in the end
Still I try reach for the edge
Falling, falling
Get too deep with the pen
Falling, yeah I'm falling
Could it be my descent?
Yeah, falling, yeah I'm falling
He's falling, yeah
I guess I'll never know peace in the end

[Verse 2]
Yet, I obsess over rhymes I've said
I obsess over lines and text
I obsess on the different types of styles to write
And then the timing and then the cyphers; I try my best
I obsess over all the sleepless nights
And time I spent with a pen, tyna write to rest
I might be on the spectrum, it's 9am
I stayed up all night typing as she lies in bed
I'm obsessed with her
She's my ride-or-die and my life is blessed but I'm obsess with her
Checking her phone texts, the detective work
Tryna find a light, I'm stressed inside
Depression, I get anxious
Try to hide it from my life and friends but I'm a mess
I try pretend I'm fine instead I'm dead inside and I'm obsessive
Waste my life, I may decide if life or death's a type of test
I wanna fight against the overdose and nearly died
My fam was by my side and gave me strength to rise again
That's why I'm alive, so why do I still lie to them?
And why do I still fight my friends?
I don't know man, life's a mess
What does death taste like, would you like a test?
Yeah I'm falling, yeah I'm falling
I get too deep with the pen
Falling, falling
Yeah, yeah I'm falling, yeah I'm falling
Falling, yeah
Guess I'll never know peace in the end
Aye, that's an Oagz beat

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Songwriter(s): Wombat
Record Label(s): 2022 Wombat Marketed & Distributed by ADA, a division of Warner Music Australia Pty Ltd
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