Game Diss Lyrics

[gun loaded]
[gun cocks]

Yeah, f**k this nigga man this niggaz, gay! (hehehe!)
This nigga had a tongue ring!
Any nigga woulda... that's all I need to hear's a nigga had a tongue ring, on top of that! (yeah!)
Ooh, yeah!
'Member Sisqo had that sun on his stomach! (heheheheh!)
That sun shit on his navel!
That nigga got that shit on his chest...
You could see, you could still see that shit he tried to cover it up with the N.W.A shit!
Youkno'msayin'? (hahahahaha!)
Plus the nigga was a stripper!
Never denied bein' a stripper! (hehehe!)
On top of that, his favorite player... uh... basketball player was Dennis Rodman! (hehehehe!)
So you know this nigga is a f**kin' weird-o, man!
Now that he got the butterfly on his eye, nigga that shit startin' to come out man!
Man, let's get this nigga! (hahahahah!) [beat starts]

Yeah, Willy! (GGG-GGG!)
South Phoenix! (GGG-GGG- G-UNIT!)
Skip this nigga, man!
HotRod, Carnegie whattup? (GGG-GGG!)
Let's go!

Nigga it's the last supper. - And I'm sittin' in the middle, (uuuh!)
This is straight from the heart! - No gimmicks and no riddles!
After dinner table. - Whattup Bank$? Whattup Buck? (whattup?)
Whattup Fif'? Whattup Yay'? Shit's about to get rough. (hahahaha!)
What? ! - I ain' supposed to beef cause I'm brand new? !
Nigga you a rod! - If a motherf**ker hands you.
A couple of dollars can (uh!) put your daughter in college (yeah!)
To slaughter a couple of rap niggaz to talk greasy.
GAYme, Joey and Jada that shit is too easy!
Get to know Willy! - Y'all about to meet Willy.
A beast, I beg this nigga 50 to: "Free Willy! "
First off this nigga, GAYme bang you little Red homie! (uh!)
Dead rappers tattoed on you, oh is them your dead homies? !
Nigga I know your past about that tat on your neck!
You got it big enough to cover that Crip set
Yeah, yeah! GAYme flipped! - GAYme used to be a Crip!
Curtis Junior High was no Bloods, all Riffs!
I got fam' in Carson, I got fam' in Compton! (uh!)
You pretty young thing! - Faggot-ass tongue ring!
You disloyal nigga; jus' let me know one thing!
You was quick to diss Ja, but when it came to Joe
And Jadakiss! - That's when the GAYme became a hoe!
You talked a lot of shit to Irv and lil' bro,
But was scared of competition cause Ja had lil' flows.
50 put you under his wing when you had no tats!
When you had no game! When you had no straps! (uh!)
When you had no name, you called my nigga Ratchet! (what niggas? !)
GAYme gay how the f**k you diss Jay? !
And turn around and apologise the next day. (hahahaha!)
I see the bitch in this nigga jus' like a X-Ray!
You better keep the Doctor if you wanna stay paid
It ain't a "Squad" of "Terror" - since the porn era!
Fat Joe, fat funky! - Big nasty, sweat junkie!
Joe garbage, the nigga rap retarded!
You can't go platinum so why the f**k you got artists? !
+Lean Back+, backward ass your whole f**kin' Squad WACK!
New king of the jungle, y'all a couple of Bobcats, ha!
I'm too clever, can't beat me, it's G-Unit, can't cheat me!
Ready for war two-thousand lunges!
Two-thousand pull ups and two-thousand cruntches.
For Jada' and his punchers, I'm here to straight free Yonkers
WHY is the Lox fake they really ain't no shooters? !
WHY it's only hit came from a G-Unit producer? !
WHY this niggaz talk tough - like they rough and gritty? !
And turn around and get robbed and did a show with Diddy! (faggot-ass niggas!)
You niggaz is titties! You niggaz is pussy! - Pull out your dushes!
Back in the day I wouldda hopped out the bushes (uuuh!)
But that was back in the day when I was runnin' with pushers! (uh!)
Wasn't the Lox niggaz +Money, Power, Respect+? !
Puff Daddy was a pimp, did y'all ever get a "Cheque"? !
Did y'all ever get "Respect"? ! Did y'all ever get "Power"? !
Cause last time I checked every album went sour,
Shit! - f**k The Lox, Fat Joe and them other guyz!
I wish my nigga would get a tat' of a butterfly. (youkno'msayin'?)
Back to the GAYme, you in trouble you gay hoe!
You used to be a stripper with N.W.A flows!
Get it off your chest nigga! - Let Eazy rest nigga!
Willy signed you would never have the West nigga!
Wild Wild West flow at it's best nigga,
I ain't from the Coast but I'm a West "Ghost"!
A South Phoenix vet' and I'm far from a gang rookie! (yeah!)
South Phoenix love me on Broadway, I'm Tookie! (yeah!)
Give a f**k about your five shots - Cali-bon got popped!
Do that give him street cred on the block? ! NO!
You had a scholarship, GAYme was on some college shit
I heard that mixtape I laughed that's he talked!
A Blood sayin': "If I was a Crip, I C-Walk! " (hahahaha!)
What the f**k did he say; this nigga is gay!
Shots out to them Broadway gangsterz
6-0-2 and a nigga that created this wanksta!
Fifty you tried! - You shoulda pulled this cat to the side
Studied his past and noticed that this dude was fag!
"Change Of Heart" that nigga got dissed by that lame broad!
And said that: he watched the whole show with his gang squad!
Come on man! - I had to expose his flat face,
Mush face, tongue ring eat a bitch puss face!
Hollywood Blood, fake Hollywood thug!
50 doin' movies with mad hollywood plug!
So tell all 'em G-Unot pick a sign slaves!
That's happy the world! - G-Unot PAID!
All that tough talk DVD is bluff
Nigga you in the same state, you can't even touch Yuk'!
50 smart! - If he wanted to he can find you
He can touch you - and them broke niggaz behind you, (hahahaha!)
Nigga! - I got a whole state behind me, that's power!
Untouchable! - You couldn't wet Willy in the shower!
Cause when I hit the Game I started with 50 Cents,
I made Young Bucks! - Bank$, ever since, nigga!

f**k you nigga! f**k all y'all niggaz!
Oh now my nigga a rat, huh? !
He a snitch? !
You used to run with the nigga!
The nigga put money in your pocket, nigga there wouldn't be no GAYme!
You disloyal nigga!
Jus' admit you got scared!
When it's, when it's time to beef with them nigga you-you cracked up under pressure!
You scared of them industry niggaz!
You wasn't built for that G-Unit shit, it's competition in this game right now!
Fake-ass nigga!
Then on the DVD... you went to the nigga house... the nigga, the nigga wasn't even at home!
Y'all niggaz is like high school kids and shit, man.
This nigga signin' deals for movies and y'all niggaz in...
In the motherf**kin' woods... lookin' at the nigga crib, nigga!
Gay-ass niggaz!
You and them broke niggaz!
Nigga you should'a hopped the fence nigga; knocked on a nigga door...
Trespassin' nigga!
That's a legal reason to pop your ass!
Talkin' all that street shit nigga, you fake nigga! I see through that shit!
You could fool these muhf**kin' fans nigga but you can't fool a real, nigga!
I know them Blood niggaz out there!
Hey man I'm a tell you like this, nigga!
It's whatever when you see me!
This is G-Unit!
It's Willy... HotRod, Carnegie whattup niggaz?
All my SouthSide niggaz!
My Phoenix vet's!
Hey GAYme don't try to turn this into no... no LA/Phoenix shit, nigga!
Handle your own beef, nigga!
It's Willy! [beat fades out]

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