Lost & Found Lyrics

Original - A first form from which varieties arise
An authentic work of art as opposed to an imitation or reproduction

Why should I try to sound like ya'll sound
That's what's wrong with the rap game right now
Man, it's like a circus wit a bunch of clowns
Wit a bunch of clicks I'll probably rap circles around

I spit heatrock and I ain't talking rollin
Soon as the beat knock I'm crowd controlling
When I hear ya'll that a awful sound
I don't ride beats I take them off the ground
Land them somewhere show them the town
Even on foreign ground I let them know I'm around
I don't follow everybody when it's time to rap
At one time everybody thought the world was flat
Sounds like you that was my intention
I paid dues now dudes pay attention
I live for it even though the flicks is hittin'
Cribs sick you can see the booth from the kitchen
Speak on it cause I saw it happen
This is hip hop dawg
I ain't just rappin
Ya'll looking at a real MC
Man you couldn't check a mic for me


Why should I try to sound like ya'll sound
That's what's wrong wit the rap game right now
Why should I try to flow the way ya'll flow
Or do a show like ya'll show
Naw that ain't where my head at now
Ya'll in the hip hop lost and found
Man, that's wrong with the rap game right now
It's like a circus wit a bunch of clowns
Wit a bunch of clicks
I'll probably rap circles around

Let's talk about rhyme capability
Let's talk about hip hop versatility
Let's talk about taking the game beyond
Now how the hell we gon have a battle of wits
Trick you ain't armed
Let's talk about love for the game
I mean real love
Back before there was fame
I'm real wit it
I ain't claiming to reign
But when ya'll talk about rap
Ya'll gon start saying my name
For real though I ain't playin
Plenty of ya'll love a brotha just scared to say it
Yo the first ever rap grammy
Let's talk about the only reason yo ass went to Miami
(Yup) truck wit rims (check) throw back jersey (check)
champagne bottles (check) lot's of models (check)
Damn that's the list for 90 percent of ya'll videos and songs
Am I wrong


When you a slave to the biz
Wit no care for the cost of what you sayin to kids
Is when ya lyrics are a test of time
And your mom hear that your spirit is blessed divine
Is when you rhyme til your throat gets sore
But you don't even believe what you say no more
Is when you bleed heart into the mic
And the pain you sustain it can change a life
Is when you hide behind the freedom of speech
While sure you're free to do it
But what it mean to do it
Did you mean to do it
Did you need to do it
Did you take time to think about the seeds you ruined
FOUND Is ESCO, dead PREZ and them
FOUND Is Lauren Hill
FOUND Is Rakim
FOUND Can be you
If you felt the message and ask yourself this questioin


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Songwriter(s): Donnie Lewis, Will Smith, Willard Smith, Lennie Bennett, Troy Johnson, Ronald Jackson
Publisher(s): Reverb Music, Love N Loyalty
Record Label(s): 2005 Interscope Records
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