I Miss You Lyrics

(feat. LeToya Luckett)

Hello, Young Savage
What you doin?, Trill E-N-T
(I'll be missin you, I'll be missin you), Webbie

[Verse 1 - Webbie]
I ain't been home in a few days (I miss you)
I know you do, I ain't gon'lie I miss you too
come kiss me through the phone, I'ma kiss you too
now I'ma hit you in a minute-gotta get this loot
girl we got us somethin special, I know it ain't nothin better
you can trust me cause I'm tellin ya I don't want nothin else
you get lonely you can just use the pictures up on the dresser
I ain't never think a woman could have me this lil'feelin
girls'll walk up on me flirtin, I be tellin e'm "Nah I'm chillin"
hug you till I go to sleep just to squeeze you like my lil'pillow
then I wake up Monday mornin'don't come back till Friday
in my whole 'nother whip, sittin on 6's with tinted windows
baby phat bags, all the purses with matchin'slippers
you done heard I f**ked this dumb bitch-now you mad trippin
tears in ya eyes, yellin you tired of my fast livin
I'm just happy for to see ya, godamn...I miss you

[Chorus - LeToya]
Since you went away, I been down and lonely
since you went away, I been thinkin of you
Ooooooh I'm missin you, Ooooooh I'm missin you

[Verse 2 - Webbie]
From rags to riches, if that xxxx was to hit me again
I'd have to bring you with me again
it done been alot of stuff I found myself in
and you stuck by a nigga like my left hand
it wasn't all this at first, till we just kept prayin
now I'm on-and you a bad xxx bitch, Yes maam
and oh yes maam as soon as I get home it's gon'be work time
and you know us we like to xxxx like it's the first time
you tell the first time for some reason
I knew that I was stayin'and I figured you wasn't leavin
I know that I don't need ya, but be feelin like I need ya
when it come to certain people, I act like I got a meetin'
but I just wanna please ya-trust me they just wanna be ya
whenever I ain't wit ya baby I can't wait to see ya
I gotta keep it G and say I love ya, cause I'm fuh real
I wash away all the tears, we been doin this xxxx for years

[Chorus - LeToya]
Since you went away, I been down and lonely
since you went away, I been thinkin of you
Ooooooh I'm missin you, Ooooooh I'm missin you

[Bridge - LeToya]
Ya everything I need, couldn't have asked for more
boy you know you were, waitin for
I know you wonder why I'm standin at the door
to let you know, I miss you
and you will see it in my eyes
you're the completion to my life
ain't even a question, you already know
but I remind you that, I miss you

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Songwriter(s): Lyrica Anderson, Brenda Harvey-Richie, Marcus Roach, Webster Gradney, Lionel B. Richie Jr, Bruce Rome
Publisher(s): Brockman Music, Bruce Rome Publishing Designee, Seven Peaks Music, Lyricaslyrics, Marcus Roach Publishing Designee, Savage Life Publishing LLC, Brenda Richie Publishing, Trill
Record Label(s): 2008 Trill Entertainment LLC Manufactured and Distributed by Atlantic Recording Corporation All Rights Reserved
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jack laminski 07/05/14,00:23

she misses her love of her life 4 days is a long time but i am going through a moth with out my true love and ready to have her back it sucks i know what she is going through
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