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My Special Someone Lyrics

Yo when I met you,
And as soon as I looked in your eyes,
I knew that you would be the one for me, someday,
While, I am lost in the dream of puppy love,
Hoping to find that special someone,
Am trapped in the sickness of affection,
After you caught my attention with devotion.
Your beauty is growing from a thousand roses,
And don't let anyone, tell you that it doesn't,
Many butterflies are flying in the sky,
Besides, my tears of being brokenhearted is gone,
My heart is fill with happiness,
Eventually, could it be the one way ticket to yours.
This feeling I have obtained, is fading into bliss,
It has been captured by the blindness of fondness,
I want to be the one for you,
Since, it's the truth,
It might sound ridiculous,
I fell for you at first sight,
I don't want to let go,
It's a battlefield.
Until then, as it processes,
I am letting my better thoughts come out,
Because tomorrow, might be to late,
Suddenly, it's clear to me,
So, I got to let love take flight.
Every time, you came running to me in my arms,
I got you under the charm,
Constantly, whenever I talk to you,
I got you blushing and giggling,
But could this be the right move I make.
I'm not shy,
I'm just trying to keep it real,
You already know the deal,
Because I am love struck,
When I gaze at you,
I'm pacing through the maze
OK, I can feel it unraveling.
Although, I'm falling for something for you,
It has cast a spell on me,
I know I got a chance,
And I aint letting to waste,
With my willingness, I can't never lose the race,
Of winning your heart,
Your drug is very addictive,
Still, I can't get it out of my system.
Yeah, I am taking you by surprise,
Believe it and don't run away,
The spark is flying in the air,
When you are around me.
Sincere, comes with carefulness and understanding,
So I got to know, how to use it,
Every time I see you,
You're the enchanted treasure,
That I want to hold,
Behind that smile,
I can see the whole world crashing down.
Even though, we don't speak that much,
This friendship is the best thing,
That I can ask for,
And I really appreciate it,
Oh, you shine like the stars in the clouds,
We might not be perfect,
But everything is worth it.
Whoa, your attraction got me distracted,
Your so hypnotizing,
You've got me laughing,
While I sing,
You got me smiling in my dreams,
Gotta tell you, how crazy I am feeling for you,
It seems like nothing can't break us apart.
Everything that I am saying to you,
I mean it, from the bottom of my heart,
Without a doubt, some of the words are gone,
Until the break of dawn, just put your trust in me,
That's all I need.
Will you ever be my special someone, someone,
Because I can see that you could, be the one for me.
The birds sing,
The flowers bloom,
The world is bringing me and you closer,
As we swim in the doves,
You mean everything to me,
And that's how much I care about you,
Through the end of time,
With this rhyme,
You might not see it,
I am deeply into you.
I will love you,
For who you are,
And stay with you,
Till the end,
Because if you was my special someone,
I would never let you go,
And I will always I embrace you,
So I can tell you,
How much you mean to me.
No matter what the problem is,
With my sympathy,
You can always cry and lean,
On my shoulder,
When you are feeling down,
There's something special about you,
That I like the most.
The only thing I believe in is you,
If you only knew,
Its, true can you be the one for me
I will be there for you,
Please give me a chance,
To tell you, what I feel about you.
I am intoxicated,
Your smile, got me running a mile,
Because your tenderness has become exile,
This heart will only beat for that special someone,
Will you ever know that you are the one for me,
A secret my heart desires,
Come to me with these fires,
Of passion, with love and fate.
If your the only I want,
Can you give my heart some faith,
On the inside, with your trust,
If anyone is fiend,
For your love,
Am the one you should choose.
I'm becoming attached to you,
With your kindness, this fascinating reality,
Will turn into a better one for you,
If you need me,
Just know that, I am by your side.

Your the last piece of the the puzzle,
Un huh, could you be my other half,
If you ever gave me the chance,
I promise that I wont break your heart,
Bring you down,
Make you cry.
Because I would always put a smile on your face.
Cheer you up.
Whenever your feeling down.
And treat you special,
Like no one else can.
You're to amazing, so let your destiny,
Fly with the sparkles,
Don't wait for the world,
To notice you,
With the hope in you,
Let your presence be known.
I'll you ever be my special someone, someone,
Because I can see that you could, be the one for me.
Ve been looking for the one,
And deep down inside, I know,
I will find you out there, somewhere.
I'll you ever be my special someone, someone,
Because I can see that you could, be the one for me.
Will you ever be my special someone, someone,
Because I can see that you could, be the one for me.

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