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Crawling Back In Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Okay, this addiction,
Is covered by a hopelessness shadow,
That you can't see,
If it is spinning through your skin.
The words are bitter,
So with each dejected thoughts flowing,
It's going through your despairing mind,
So let's see what we can find.
The joyless is empty inside,
It feels gloomy,
Just saddening,
Has everything crumbles again.
The cheerless is rumbling,
When I am humbling through every page,
With so much rage.

(Pre chorus)
Everything that I once known,
All the pain I hold inside,
Is coming out the other side.
When you open the door,
Everything that you feel,
Is flying across the floor.
But when there is nothing left,
You still want more.

I just want to get rid of it,
I just,
I just want to get rid of it,
So why it is crawling back in.

(Verse 2)
Okay, before anyone knew,
The clues were showing that,
You felt blue,
And it's been long overdue,
Since you let it go.
The heaviness of your heart,
Is searching for desperation,
My distressed,
Has got me into another mess.
It's discouraging,
How you broke me,
I am afraid of my own self,
Because I can't never figure out,
Who I am.
The wretched of this misery,
Has been locked,
Without no key,
To unlock it.
You're full of pretend,
So could this be the end,
For you.
I am hurting,
With no chances,
To get better.
Have you ever felt sad,
Where no one understood you,
Did you feel bad,
When they rejected you,
Even though I try,
All they do is bring me down,
And put a frown on my face.

(Pre chorus)
Going insane,
I've dealt with so much inside,
I'm done,
Gotta split it.
When I hold this pain,
The rain is pouring on me,
So after,
Many lonely things are clotted in my brain.
Like go away,
For another day.

I just want to get rid of it,
I just,
I just want to get rid of it,
So why is it crawling back in.

No matter how hard you tried,
To escape it clutches,
It still has control over you.
Every time you look yourself,
In the mirror.
All you see is your monster side,
As it is waiting to come out and take over.

(Verse 3)
As you stay trapped,
Can you believe that,
You are falling apart,
Right before your eyes.
You are always caged in with empitness,
But no matter how hard you try,
Your always the getting hurt,
Because your pain is shattering you like ice.
Your drowning in the water of sadness,
But this breath you take,
Is full of depression,
And no one even cares.
Your happiness is fading away,
Now it's all gone.

I just want to get rid of it,
I just,
I just want to get rid of it,
So why is it crawling back in.

It keeps,
It keeps,
It keeps,
It keeps,
Crawling back in.

Please leave me alone today,
(Crawling back in).

I wish it would leave.
(Crawling back in).

So why is it crawling back in.

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