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Broken Friendships Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Do you remember the day,
Where me and you, become friends
And can you see it, deep in your thoughts
That the fire is burning,
My friendship with you.

Admit that, you messed up
Because it was wrongful, of you
To say, what you said before.

Yeah, every time I see your face
I just want to run away,
Because my attempt apology,
Wasn't enough or sincere,
For you to understand.

But I know, you wont forgive me again
And everything I said to you,
Was just another waste,
For you to take in.

(I guess, this is the end).

(Verse 2)
So now can you see that the rain,
Had poured and drenched over,
Our friendship.
And now it appears that my apology,
Was turning into a nuisance.

Because everything and everyone like me
Is only bringing you pain inside,
And you got nothing else to hide,
So can everything go back to the way it was.

(Pre chorus)
Your a disgrace, with no taste
You make me sick,
Every time, I look at your face.

You been fake, like everyone else.

Let these words, be drowned
Inside of you,
As the fire, burns it up
It can't be washed away.

We were never cool,
Because you pretended,
I should of never believed you,
I should of trusted you.

Everything we made,
Everything we build,
Every memorie, we had
(Is done),
Because this is becoming broken friendship.

(Verse 3)
Can you give me, another chance
To prove myself,
Because I know, it's gonna take a long time
For me, to earn your trust back.

With whatever reason, you find
I know you don't like me, for who I am
It will never be the same,
I hope you forgive,
And put it behind you.

When you are in the crowd,
Everyone knows your name,
But you suspect that,
They don't actually like you.

Maybe, it was a misunderstanding
That caused it,
Is it worth saving,
If, we are neglecting each other
I just wanna defend myself.

(Verse 4)
You were to careless, to forgive and forget
Now look, how things turn out
I thought we had something real.

I am always nice to you,
And this is what you do,
Every time I talk to you,
You always resented me.

With no reply,
I will accept that it's over,
Because, I'm forgetting about you
And how you hurt me,
I wont let myself, become stressed
For the last time,
I'm not trying to make things worse, with you.

But why are you giving me,
The cold shoulder,
Withdrawing from you,
Might be the best thing to do,
My words came out stupid,
So if I've done, anything wrong
I'm sorry.

(Pre chorus)
Do you feel the pain, that I felt
When I endure my loneliness,
If you don't want me,
Then, I don't need you.

There is always a person
Out there, looking for a friend.

Everything we made,
Everything we build,
Every memorie, we had
(Is done),
Because this is becoming broken friendship.

As I'm walking away,
I will leave you alone,
But I will, leave it to you
To reach out,
When you're ready to be friends again.

I don't care anymore,
Everything has become damage,
I wounded your ego,
Now you wanna get mad at me,
Over what I said.

The mask, you wear
The lies, you weave
With insincerity,
So where is the real you at.

Everything we made,
Everything we build,
Every memorie, we had
(Is done),
Because this is becoming broken friendship.

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This song is about a friendship that went wrong because one of them didn't apologize.
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