Stakes And Mistakes Lyrics

I'm ready when you are to face the creator
or live in the crater your terror creates
live in the holocaust live in the waste
cos with power comes powerful stakes and mistakes
what will you do when you don't have a choice
but to live on the level with those you exploit
those in power who cower are left with the choice
to determine the fate of those without a voice

Led to believe that our only protection
is imposed by the threat of the world's destruction
the unhesitant finger's triggered from the direction
of the man with the murder inspired erection

but the blood that flows below and descends
from such a violently perverted mind
won't measure up to the flow of blood that soaks
or just lubricates your hand so you can keep jerking off

So where are your comforts your home and your car
you've left yourself with nothing
what if you had to lift a finger
that didn't come down on a button

down goes the button the trigger of destruction
and the rocket's red glare was a nuclear scare
awake for the nightmare forced to witness the loss
cos you can't close your eyes when your skin's melted off

and it didn't make me sad that the world had to end
cos the greedy the oppressors were the rulers of the land
all civilization leveled by war
as those in power who seek power
discover death by their own hands
your inevitable nightmare my apocalyptic dream
disaffected 'til the day you heard apocalyptic screams
new all power has collapsed like your buildings to the street
true equality achieved thru this scientific feat
so proudly we're defended by technology created
so blindly we're all ended our whole world decimated
all civilization leveled by war I'm ready when you are.

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