Limitless Lyrics (ft. Scarface)

[Hook: Wale]
You'll never fall when you null and void, to their opinions
And real niggas gon' see your end 'fore they see your limit
Don't be with too many
I never came in this business to provide me with friendship
I'd probably trade in some millions if I could make a difference
I swear to y'all it's hard to shake this feeling

[Verse 1: Wale]
Naked women at the venue in here for tuition
She lying for attention, her clientele is nymphos
With the rhymin' I'm more MacGyver than all my rivals
I made somethin' out of nothin', I'm nada just like you
You damn roight this rap roids, Jose Canseco
I meet a wholesome girl, I f*ck her and turn her out psycho
Psycho killer, M. Bison psycho crush driller
Isn't it amazing how I do it though
Africa to capital and pop up with a crew of zoles
My diversity certainly why I'm recommended
I prolly triple my gross ??? every September
Music got me feeling like heaven is secular
Cuz all the girls that I be with look like angel but thicker
Without Lola we out Garfield goin' Odie
With rap performance of Forbes got me catchin' up Oprah
Passionate poet, can adapt to the camera
You see rappin' is showbiz, they some talented actors
It be childish to diss 'em, I just f*ck all they bitches
Most niggas set up a war just to ask for forgiveness
Look, only way that we gon' ever speakin'
Even in on everything I'm 'bout as loud as middle finger
Nah nigga we won't ever speak
Cuz niggas tellin' everywhere they deadly with that trigger finger


[Verse 2: Scarface]
Weed smokin' on the tour bus
Daydreamin' lookin' out the window just the two of us
Another city look at outer space
Traveling in dreams while the stars seem to pass away
I never knew a love like this one
Cell phone ringing and I'm wondering what this bitch wants
I take another hit and she gets voicemail
I get lost inside of me as I exhale
All my niggas in the front, see
And shit they never see get any ??? they could ever want
The money's hella cool I miss my family doe
The loneliness, this Hennessy's the only antidote
It's on to the good turn some jams on
Funkadelic bumpin' through the speakers on my headphones
“Not just knee-deep” hearin' it through Dre Beats
Mesmerize the G as the bassline invades me


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