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Slow Jam
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Slow Jam Lyrics

Get up a little higher
Can't ya feel the excitement, you fool
Can't ya feel it? Can't ya feel it?........yeah

I know its been a ruff week
Tuff job and the tuff streets, yo its cool
(it) Happens to everyone.....but you gotta

Get back up and be a fighta
Can't you see that she's scared that you
Don't feel the fire no more

I'm gonna give it to her straight up, & while
I serenade her pull your wait up and move
You gotta feel it, gotta feel i

Oooooh, you like it early, and I like it late
'n you don't like it when I take the bate, got me
hidin' the cookies
Oh let's poke a hole in this balloon animal
It's the elephant trunk in the room
Baby please don't worry cause its not about you, let's
try again let's try again
I've got some tuxedos and you've got the lube
I'm a guitar hero with a big ego and a bi-polar libido
but I come thru in the sack, most of time
And you're a cutie, with a great bootie, and even when
you're freakin' me out,
you gotta superb rack, and a wonderful heart well
Oooooh baby just freak me, don't freak me out
I just wanna freak you, I never meant to freak you out
Let's cut this melodrama, from this
tragicomedy.......O'Henry now, cuz
This gift of the magi, is juss too
You give up feelin' sexy, I give up feelin' like a
man......ain't Lent a bitch now
Well how bout this night owl and this early bird, meet
at lunch, for a SLOW JAM

Get up a little higher
Can't ya feel the excitement, you fool
Can't ya feel it? Can't ya feel it?

This melody could be a trumpet line
Richard Prior in the streets with a congo line
It's a party party party,
Sky's full of confetti - but...

Uh-oh, I see her face is red
Think I'm embarrasin' her like I was drunk again
I'm so sorry sorry sorry, I didn't mean no harm

Gotta tell her why I'm singin' this
She gotta no that I love her and this aint no
diss...........No need to alarm
Baby I apologize, but I
had to sing about it, I
know that you afraid, that

People gonna think, you don't flip the
switch on my meat, but that's a lie, you're my cutie
pie, and when I
touch the curves of your thighs, ooooh I nearly

Somehow I'm scared too, like maybe they'll say, I'm
floppy like Bob Dole or I'm frontin' like Larry Craig,
but that's not the
case, with my slender frame and rib cage I'll drive you
to another state like a Greyhound

So how these fears get in our heads? When 99 percent,
of the
time, you and I, are just like animals in bed - well
that's why I gotta
sing about it, next generations gotta know about it,
plenty of yall out there still got
doubts about it.....

When you feelin' weak like you just can't
Please, don't hit the link on that cialis spam
Just take it easy and clear your mind and

take a
take a
take a

Get up a little higher
Can't ya feel the excitement, you fool
Can't ya feel it? Can't ya feel it?

Hold ya fire
Hold on to it tighta don't shoot
Till you see the lights in her eyes
Sex is less like heaven & more like kung-fu
& I'm a orange-belt,
nothin' to be ashamed of, so

Guess what honey
I think that I'm
In the mood....oooh

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