Applause Lyrics

[Intro: Dave Chappelle]
I know what you drink, grape juice!
Suprise motherf*ckers!
You didn't think I knew about grape juice did you?
Oh! Don't play dumb with me!
Nigga, what the f*ck is grape juice?
I know what you drink
Care for a glass of grape juice?
Nigga, what the f*ck is juice?
I want some grape drink baby!
Mmm it's purple!

[Verse 1]
I had dinner with two on all fours and I ate (flexing!)
I'm moving like I have got lives yet to waste (I'm flexing!)
When it fell out the blue I was coloured with rage (text him, I'll deck him!)
I'm burning the book instead of turning the page (I'm flexing!)
I've been burning the bridge that got me in this place (flexing!)
Ain't been back in 10 years like my name is disgraced (flexing!)
My first mother gave me life then passed away (flexing! nah!)
And prior to her my father did the same
Since 8 I've been moving and moving
I ain't found my place
I've secured a place at a uni
I fell in love then went away
I've been feeling the pain (Mmm it's purple!)
Of relationships that foundations in hate
I'm feeding her hate (flexing!)
On my own in a world unfamiliar to me
But I never show pain (Grape juice!)
Then the body of someone new gave me a break
But her soul was outlandish (flexing!)
In a moment of weakness I made love with hate
I came and she panicked (Mmm it's purple)
I had a smug look as I gather my grain
From the toilet she cussed me
A couple weeks later she had a due date
Well done, D, you f*cked it, damn! (Nigga, what the f*ck...)
(Surprise motherf*ckers!)
I need a round of applause
I need a round of applause
I need a round of applause
Encore! (Grape juice!)

[Verse 2]
I had dinner with destiny but missed my date
I'm establishing hate
Is this stable enough to be called safe?
I'm removing my plate (Mmm it's purple!)
I don't want seconds cause all that you're serving is shit! (shit!)
You're taking the piss (piss!)
We've been building for months but you're still hit and miss (miss!)
And now you're dismissed (Grape juice!)
I had dinner with two on all fours and I ate
I was feeling myself (I'm flexing!)
But since that day I hardly masturbate
I'm not feeling myself (Mmm it's purple!)
She put her tongue on my chest and it felt like hot acid
But I still hit it raw (raw!)
And now the GP tell me news that is tragic
I need an applause
Cause all of these problems could just be avoided
If I wasn't so thirsty (flexing!)
I lied to myself and said I was lonely
I take pride in my solace
I'm guilty of lusting and making her want it
Always making her horny (flexing!)
I had dinner with too much on my plate
No more sex till I'm thirty (why?)
Cause all these bitches are dirty
All these bitches are flirty
All of these bitches can hurt me
Seasoned vet up in this bitch
I'm in these bitches with no Johnny
See at first I wanted to get my dick wet now it flooded
My penis is causing me problems
If I told my new chick she would probably leave in heartbeat
So I'm lying low for the moment
(Surprise motherf*ckers!)
I need a round of applause
I need a round of applause
I need a round of applause
Encore! (grrrrraaaahhh!)

[Verse 3]
Cause first if you fail then try try again
But I'm losing my faith and I'm lying again
Don't have money to spend I'm fully overdrawn
But keeping appearance's important to some
I'm not losing faith cause I never had any
But I promised my mother I'd make her a granny
And bring up some kids with all these same beliefs
But religion is not that important to me
I'm keeping appearance and lying to God (Surprise!)
But your God has forsaken me, I don't need one
For father gives and he taketh away (Surprise!)
But why did you take my whole family away
Why did you take my ability to love (Surprise!)
My powers of empathy are second to none
Never prayed a whisper and now I'm on all fours (Surprise!)
You gave me the clap now I need an applause (Sway! Sway! Sway!)
I need a round of applause
I need effect and a cause
Locking my jaw
Ecstasy got me pissed off
Viagra making me soft
Lock off my phone
This summer you'll see me ghost
Meaning you won't see me at all
I'm on my job
I'm getting that money to floss
Getting paid to count the cost (Nigga, what the f*ck is grape juice?)
Paid the cost to be the boss
I'm sipping tears mixed with cristal
That's how I ball
I am in love with the world
I'll see it all before I fallI swear to God
My mistress is giving me sores
She's ignoring my calls (Mmm it's purple!)
From here and on out I'm on my own
So please can you hold your applause

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Songwriter(s): Vera Valorum
Record Label(s): 2017 Daryl Verah
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