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I go hard!
Man, I gotta go (Hard)
Wait a minute, wait a minute I go hard!
Man, I gotta go (Hard)
Wait a minute, wait a minute

[Verse 1:]
I do this for Compton
Dissecting a brother like drop I gotta keep him alive
I got a job, ain't workin' no 9 or no 5
They think I'm my head in the sky, like I must be outta my mind
They thinkin' a lil bit of time that I can make diamonds come from the dirt
I show you my work, I do this for JB, you know he still hurt
You see the surface, man
I'm smokin' the earth Kush – it was purrp, uh, that pink shit I slurp Uh, leanin' and dreamin' of her
Been a lady killa since a lil nigga
Since a lil nigga been a thrill nigga Young lil nigga
Tommy Hilfinger Now that lil nigga just a lil bigger
I get stuck in the moment when that loud pack is blowin'
Thinkin' bout goin' the old days My nigga, win, time to go in
Remember down key satisfaction the problem
We grew up start wylin' and the girl a pro'lem
Young black and ballin', his gun neva silenced
Until he got sentenced, now we gotta ride him
Pushin' fo' diamonds and platter for hustlin' on corners
The block or the avenue, my nigga, it's all bout yo attitude
You want betta grind, then show gratitude
Hell of a life if you living it, I'm at the tip of it
My scenery different, get money 'til it is infinite
This feeling made me feel limitless


[Verse 2:]
More complex than my complexion, mind undressing
Her bra undress her, I'm on extra Damn, ma im stress so pleasure me
Give me everything Nah nah, several things, I'm gon' need everything
Wylin' my foes, emotion from droppin' the doses
That potent, the FEDs on the corner
They strollin' through noses, they be on the coastal
Mimosas the way that they pull down the courses
I'm smokin', man, shit, not even mama know it, man Winter _____[?]
I would not go again God, I just said I won't go again, but for the old gang… Damn!
You know how that shit go, my nigga
High in that pinch-o, my nigga
These niggas will copy like tempo, my nigga
The cops come, I ain't give out no info, my nigga
The top floor we livin', my nigga
You step in, that kush in the raw
I'm Michael Jordan
I gotta ball
I'm goin' hard


[Verse 3:]
All I eva wanted was to be somebody
Cuz somebody is betta than a nobody
And a nobody is nothin' at all
From the four corners of our neighborhood blocks
We import, export, ship and stock
Workin' with a little, tryna make a lot
If you feel it, go and raise yo hands in the air, man
And say amen, all prays to the most highs
We get closer by tryna touch the sky
For a lil ooh-lala, fire in my eyes Man, failure is a lot, man
So live till you feel alive, man Get rich or die, man
It's yo life, aight, man? You gotta go hard!


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Record Label(s): 2015 Tha Alumni

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