Stop Being Greedy Lyrics (ft. Ace Hood)

Hollar! Vado, Ace Hood, we better than them!
We the best!

I let the AK go, at your 8-8 door,
Hit your playmate all,
Tick, today you roll,
I don't talk, if it's war, nigger,
Say no ,more!
Ask Poppie, I blow the Mars up, it ain't no more!
Yo, I'm for ever, pay more gators than Everglades.
See them, they cuss, spitting,
You see every way.
My jealous race, vanilla wave,
The penthouse, such a part of west, Costello's place.
That seller cake, I heller up, blue and yellow duck,
High in the seven, like mellow ducks.
yes, find a weapon, you better duck!
Sitting poolside, in the mean tank and level trunk.
f**k, just cause, f**king just does.
Three quarter furs unbutton for just hugs.
I show the Cuban lease, like it's nothing, we just thugs.
Remember when I used to be pocket with just doves,
Running with just drugs, Mary and Jonesy,
Can't check us, respect us, 'cause we carrying noses.
I spit in the records, hell, how I'm better than those,
Smoke cigars, we're black ones, but we're better than chosen.
Yeah, two M, just on the wrist watch.
Where I'm from, who them make all your shit rock.
Crowns will d them, now it's the prick block,
Unleash my loose M's in Charlie Kurk's posse.
Yeah, man down for ten fallen,
Thomas crowned me the new S with six pounds.
Jewish E, judge be the charger, I missed trial,
Let my go forward and I go right, like Pin Pal.
It's my turf, if I die, the sky burn.
Pop slang girl from the roof, like high learner.
Used to be a school cataloo, like Wille Lerner,
Head shots, blood, bang your face like sideburns.
Yo, I'm walkie-talkie, zippie burned your apartment.
Rip the plastic so your couch swizzles your carpet.
If you red with twin beds, like where your Molls with?
Got my man and Fat Lame handling parking.
The next lamas, checks commas,
Few things that came with that weed of best bummers,
Two things remain, that's respect, honor.
Spit flames and chew names like Jeff Donner,

A next level, don't sweat them!
I'mo get'em, my flo is trench set up.
Emotionally disfigured and pocket the co-cheller,
I'm king, go to south, you king like Cold Gretter!
We're suicide balls, your Joker's a Heath Ledger.
There here to name aces, fearing them three, let us!
I'm too clever, you knew better, you do better!
Can't see the point in never, and never for whomever.
I'm still focused, my eyes open, I'm God chosen.
I'm so reloaded, they say it better, but I ain't noticed.
I'm in the Lotus, just see me rolling, I ain't towing.
A 9 mm Crocede, d'you wanna see it?
A couple of Jesus pieces to keep away from the demons.
And shout to these suckers slow, ya, I'm cumming, just catch the seamen.
And f**k them niggers, like Cam, I really mean it.
I'm only known as murder, you must have got amnesia.
I'm a beast, motherf**ker, you read'em and weep,
Still hating on your shoe, I hope you die in your sleep.
Still, the best in my blood, ain't no sympathy scene.
They don't know who the team, they still chasing the dream!
I've been hot for a minute like I was wanted for killing.
Better pay some attention, I go for Eliot Wilson.
There's a bomb in your lobby, sorry, you cannot defend it.
I've been ticking and cannot pretend that you like what you're hearing.
f**k that, see, I'm outta my mind, I'm on ...
I wanna take the spot of the people I idolize.
Before I ever die, I'm the realest to finalize,
My niggers go to war, and I'm in it, I gotta ride.
West flow, master flez, go and drop a bomb.
I'm a young legend, give 'em to them, huh!
Rap game mind, that was for the blocks,
Me and Fido rhyme and then we try to kill'em all.
You don't wanna see a pit bull pissed off!
Have your whole town out, morning, your loss!
Snitch niggers get it, dog, that should be a law!
Have 'em catch the bullets like they f**king Mandy Mars.
Trying to get peace, home is sweet.
You will get the picture, I'mma start S3, nigger.

See, I did this shit for fun, nigger!
Did this shit 'cause I was bored.
Ain't nothing hotter than what we doing!

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