Thru The Eyes Of Jason Lyrics

Through tha eyes of Jason
suckers keep amazin'
throwing styles, claim they're dazin'
tell how you keep yoself:
ways, that seek only cliche's 'n
wack hookups
never gave me shookups
blow too much smoke
'n too many cookups
look up to yo self-mirror vision
reflection now yo know the answer watchin',
stand, pause, take a toss,
now you know how you got tha force,
'cos tha peppers were chilli, chilis were peppy
took their juice 'cos yo beats were slappy
sloppy - f**kers ain't mc's
donald duck voice with inabilities
check tha beat boy
watch tha beat boy
bug out on words, sounds - here's the receipt, boy !
tha one much hyper, beyond a type 'n
classical rock plus sl still mcgyver
checkout like cifer
clockin' like five-o
watch bloods with hands o' chin how it goes
from nowhere to metro
music goes retro
hands in tha cookie jar
big domes get big dough
think so kid ? say it affirmative,
if tha sound's boomin' future's alternative
music, in 2001, no short run - but music
musical oddesee wider than kubrick
on screen, pureness will be seen
if corporate labels, don't corrupt it with tha green
180 d. u-turn-music is music if only one groove turn
no matter structure, no matter culture
music's worthwhile, as long as the floor burn
ears bred in traditional pop
say it's grabbed snatched called hip hop
nothin' tip top for tha fossil critic
rather drown, in nostalgia sickness
run tears like toilets flushin', it's
all pathetic
in the eyes of jason

Crossover genuine, genuine crossover
got tha science plave, happy like clover
four plus one, five musicians
takin' tha path, that's paved ? superstition
seek tha cool beats, plus golden fleas
pioneer interfered embolden him please !
workout like argonauts, allies will sprout
uplift status, chosen giants please step down
ain't hot, you ain't hittin'
too much time for posin' 'n sminkin'

Keep on sinkin', yo world's a swamp 'n
act whack ? than throw the myth in
sex, drugs, rock 'n roll
come rock is gold 80 percent is old
borin' - bring the core in
20 percent like to blend 'n I'm all in
callin' for tha first amendment
freedom of speech, speak for your condemnment
organised parents, disguised hangman
ain't down with rap 'cos their son copies a black man
potential crack men, rape men, wack men
white goes with black, how ya stop that man ?
foul epitomies hidden societies
claimin' rap mo' diabolical than rushdie
bank of reality against tha currency
shrink media scale like chuck d
base miami, luck is indy
stopped skywalker 'cos of lucas indoctrine
snatchin' attorneys, monopoly lawmen
beatin' the wrong man, it's just a song man
understand word is sword in the hand
many verbs, and still nothin' to say
speech impotency struck me from the day
I should've made it instrumental
but tha words got in tha way

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Record Label(s): 2007 URBAN DANCE SQUAD under exclusive license of SBME (NETHERLANDS) BV

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