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The Norm Lyrics

[Siah:] 98, S-I, what
Yeshua Da PoED, check it

Riding the beat
beats walking on the street
I can hop a train
and move in that vehicle
but the metaphor is better for traveling quick
to any destination and any location
in the known universe of my imagination
confined in a verse
I'm a powerful combine
who got to bomb minds like a war flick
on time when my jaw spit raw shit
hella fit,halibut,had to fit
grab a chalice to sip, then slip
through the sands of my 'cholosis[?]
S-I not the V
I'm in the place to be
still swinging on vines in the tree
I don't want to be distraught, more overjoyed
rather be caught in a void, nullify
What if I delve a blade
I left my sickle at the airport cuz I felt sick
Whether you felt it or not
I don't give a shit
But if you leave it on the shelf then it might get spoiled
Take it to health, Lord knows I toil
now unemployed, never employed as a decoy
unless it's so
Yeshua Da PoEd can blow the spot, blow the spot [fade]

Now all cats who ain't prepared, beware
all I need is the pair of kicks,a snare and his dare
for the taking
hall with my statements, to hell with all the waiting
sort of breaking a spell
you can tell
what I'm making is fail safe
Laced at a pace to digest
cuz all the tracks I bless got me rhyming slow
and I'm in no
hurry, worry, my flow was to fat to wrap
I plan to drop pounds
I came to explain hip-hop sounds
simple and plain (simple and plain)
If you're not down, yo man
get down with the program
or at least the flow release Yeshua Da PoED
from the east coast, don't mean to boast
but an MC like me is what the world needs most

[S:] From night til morn
[Y:] Dusk til dawn
[S:] Yo, injected with life
[Y:] Cuz we must live long
[S:] Traditions that I strive to carry on
[Y:] Get cut on a plate and end up in your crate

Not feeling precise, I got a healin' device
It's called a walk-man, on track
bettin' that I get back home around midnight
caught up in mid-flight
my dim light, did like, hit me with insight
When all is the same, and I remain content
not a need to repent, let it out like a vent
What I meant is a youth parism[?]
self in my self is the proof
but no convoluted truth
Just a simple rebuke
got me sittin' in this composition
on a mission to find revenue
I never knew that it was necessary
Reality can get scary, but I
parry and thrust with the best of us(sets of us)
nuts and chops[?]
I knock minds with rhymes
and the cuts that I drop can stop time on a dime
If I was truly wise, then I would shut the f*ck up
Still waitin' impatient for life to catch up

It took more than the luck of the draw
to put my foot up in the door
It coulda been cause and effect
Styles I studied before, often reflect
Too bad the cats that taught it the best, got caught in the net
Now I'm in effect
You see, I quit my job to become full-time MC
When I'm full, rhymes empty, till I reload
skills I will stow
in the form of flow
till ya know
the D to the A to the Po-E-D
When I spray, ya gonna belive me
I rep the Wee Bee
Foolish to truest form, no matter what track
I do this on
Crews get on, guess who get dropped
[Guru sample] "Cuz they have no regard, for real hip hop"
I don't stop,yeah yeah
I don't don't quit
Yeshua Da PoED guaranteed to be the ultimate
(Like that)


Like that
Unsung heroes
Si and Yeshua

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