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Let It Rain Lyrics

Verse 1
I had a dream walking with a smile on my face and I felt my grandma's warm
I had a dream that she never went away
Every footstep greeted by flashing lights,
Closing my eyes, red carpets flock
Paparazzi with the money shot that took me by surprise
Is it ridiculous to wanna live extravagant life?
With nice expensive clothes but you don't feel right
When in the spotlight doing what you love
You gotta do it right
Pre chorus
But can you tell me
Why are we always hurting each other?
Joining a gang just to smother one another?
Doing the time and wasting your life
It just don't seem right
Took the time to think what am about to do with my life
Am hanging at the skate park with my guitar
Gotta have big dreams if you wanna be a SUPERSTAR
So let it rain
Let it rain, let it R --A-I-N
If you want the money and the fame
You gotta stay on top of your G-A-M-E
Let it rain,
Making records, getting paid to masquerade on the S-T-A-G-E
Let it rain big dreams,
Let it rain 2x
Verse 2
I had a dream that I was playing on my PS3
Became the super hero staring at the screen
Had the dream that the earthquake never took place in Haiti
What if the 9/11 victims came back to life
With the twin towers standing tall across the skyline
And the innocent bystanders in the war survived
How come we can take for granted all the things we got in our lives?
While the rest of the third world living in strife
Saw this skinny little kid on the news nearly made me cry
So can you tell me why why are we always hurting each other
Starting a war just to kill one another
Destroying a nation and taking lives
It just don't seem right
Took the time to think what am about to do with my life
So am hanging at the skate park with my guitar
Gotta have big dreamz if you wanna be a Superstar
I had a dream that I was still black
On the same block
Ain't no thugs slinging rocks
Ain't no running from cops
Had a dream all black sticking together
Bloods crips in the same clique hanging together
Had a dream Lebanese ain't bombing Israelis
Or the world super powers killing Iraqis
Just a peaceful world me and my baby girl
Fulfil her wishes even cap her one of them pearls
Had a dream biggie and Pac rocking the the coliseum
It was so damn packed we sat on shoulders just to seem em
Had a dream my hair being braided by Aaliyah with left eye on the Porsche
Sipping some Cosmo
Wild dreams puffing cigars with Freaky Tah
Free styling to instrumentals from the Jam Master
Funny how how time fly faster
Woke up in the morning
Yawning with drool stains
Only to find out it was a dream

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