Jump Up Out The Whip Lyrics


Jumped up out the whip black glok hat cocked back
Jumped up out the whip black glok hat cocked back
Jumped up out the whip
Jumped up jump up out the whip
Jumped up jump up out the whip /
Black glok hat cocked back (Repeat)

Verse 1: (Twoine JameZ)

Jumped up out the whip black glok hat cocked back /
74 candy painted Chevrolet top back /
Stop that hatin /
Pussy nigga better watch that /
Twoine JameZ skatin on these nigga’s with a watch that /
Shine in the night lite / I can make your life bright /
Chain so clear it appears to be life like /
Diamonds in my ear got a smile have your wife like /
He so fresh
Yes I am I got that night spike /
Butterfly doors on the Chevy bought to take flight /
Red Monkey clothes black on black /
I get cake aight
Late nights catch me in the clubs /
Give ya stage fright /
I stay hyped wilder than a grizzly or a great white /
One mic is all I need /
And pimpin I create life /
One fight is all you need /
And I can make ya face white /
It’s me nigga /
Live than the sea nigga /
Candy paint, chrome rims, 24’s, loud pipes /
That’s all I need


Verse 2: (Skee M.O.N.E.Y)

Call me Mr. Homicide / Cause you know I love to ride
Jumped out the whip with the hat cocked back /
Must be a killa cause I’m dressed in black /
Call your click I call my Bitch /
What you know about that shit
Turn the beat down roll up slow /
Jump out with a big black four four /

What you mixed with Chinese _Eyes be low cause I smoke that dro /
Fingers point everywhere I go /
You don’t want this drama Hoe /
Middle of July I done made it snow /
Back on the block cause I gotta get more /
M O N to the E to the Y /
Call my goons and we gone ride /
Ain’t no need to f**king hide /
I ain’t Shawty Lo /
But you gone get it /
Reach in the back grab that Lama Cock it back now you done get it
Call me Skee don’t call me Diddy /
Bet I got the key to the city /
Jumped out the whip ain’t looking silly /
So don’t doubt that you won’t get it /
Skee be riding candy paint /
Laughing all the way to the bank /
Hundred grand’s in the bank /
Doing what ya’ll nigga’s can’t /
Thinking when ya’ll nigga’s ain’t /
f**king what ya’ll nigga’s can’t /
Hoe told me my shit don’t stank /
So what the fickya’ll nigga’s think


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