Just Like That Lyrics

[Intro: Twista]
GMG {"This another street heat banger!"}
Lil' somethin for the ladies
Twista, let's go

Now I must get it, aw naw
Droppin lyrics that be succulent, you f**kin with a reservoir dog
Ahead of y'all, aww
When it come to spittin piff so come and listen to a vet as I ball
She gotta twist it
Thinkin I want it in an instant cause I am who I am and I'm anxious
I can't just, assume every whip-ass cover
cause I'm a lover, I ain't stuntin these wenches
I be into what I'm into and that's a woman
that want me to wait awhile before I get to hit it
Lovin my playa style, my life and how I live it
But make a motherf**ker have to work to get it
And when I do I take my time (yeah)
Treat you like a rose petal and lay you out on a bedspread (yeah)
Kissin you all over your whole body (yeah)
Face in between them spread legs (ha ha)
Get it crackin as I seduce her
cause I'ma introduce her to a perfect show
...Climb up on top, put it in, work it slow
Cause we can make it last different ways
and be makin her forever wanna f**k like that (yeah)
Got her switchin the positions
Don't move so quick lil' mama, do it just like that

[Chorus: Dra Day (Twista)]
Ain't no rush (nope) don't shake it too fast (uh-uh)
Slow it down (that's right) just like that
Ooh ooh baby (uh-huh) you you baby (uh-huh)
Actin a fool fool lady (woo) ohhhh
You want this cash, up in my hand (c'mon)
Well slow it down - just like that
Ooh ooh baby (uh) you you baby
Actin a fool fool lady, ohhhh

C'mon, I am the immaculate cool
but when we get into it you know you be actin a fool
Ready for action how you be ass clappin
to get what I'm packin but I be wantin shit to happen smooth
Let it play out and fulfill itself naturally
and I bet you'll be in ecstacy
Or better yet Molly cause what I'ma do to your body
is like a party when you next to me
Hol' up, I'm rollin somethin up
I'm finishin my cup, before we start to touch
I gotta get high, and get in the mood
And then when I do, I'ma show you I'm a fool
How you want it? Ohh, on top of the don
Though do you wanna be on the clutch like this?
Stab it like a jackrabbit
but I know you like it better when I f**k like this (uh-huh)
Not nasty but just a (Shade of Grey)
You know you want it (that's right)
No fast pace when you grind
I want you to take yo' time when you on it (c'mon)

[Chorus w/ different ad libs]

Let's go...

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Songwriter(s): Michael A. Moore, Denicole L. Russell, Carl Terrell Mitchell
Record Label(s): 2013 GMG Entertainment LLC
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