Uncle Puttleman Lyrics

Welcome to our show my friends
You'll find it's rather quiant
We spent years upon the decor
And the perfect shade of paint

Anyway I'm sure you came for fun
And well a little bit of laugh
So get ready to smile big
And I'm sure that we'll have a blast

That's right, gang
Let's sing a happy song
With easy words
So the kids at home can sing along
It goe

Sunshine is real good
When it shines on me
All day long we smile
'Cause we are so happy
You try

Sunshine is real good
When it shines on me
All day long we smile
'Cause we are so happy

Welcome to Uncle Puttleman's
Today I'm sure we'll have a real good time

Welcome kids
This is Uncle Puttleman
A happy jolly friend of yours and mine

Singing all his silly songs
To tunes that kids all know
It all adds to the wonder
And the magic of his show

Jovial all the time
We know how to make you smile
Others go the distance
But I go the extra mile

Sunshine is my life
And I do the best I can
Count on me for good times
I'm your Uncle Puttleman

Okay kids
Now for Uncle Puttleman
The joy of this
Can never start too soon

I know what
You want from Uncle Puttleman
We can watch ultra violent cartoons

Remember kids to watch
'Cause the rating share is down
I might go off the air
And it causes me to frown

I guess everybody wants to watch
Some damn dinosaur instead of me
I mean, what the hell
I'm Uncle Puttleman and you suck
I've got bills to pay
So you can just shove it up your ass

Uh, uh yeah
I was just kidding
Remember not to say
any of those words
in front of your mommies
Okay, kids
Yeah, all right

All right
Do this for Uncle Puttleman
When you go out
Shopping at the malls

Say you want
All the Uncle Puttleman
T-shirts, books and toys and happy dolls

Sing another song in another happy way
Then when we're all done
We'll have a real great day

Goodbye kids
That's all for Uncle Puttleman
The time has come
For our great time to end

See you soon
From your Uncle Puttleman
Tune in tomorrow
And we'll be good friends

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