Call You Ft New Boyz Lyrics

[Chorus] Legacy and Ali
Dey all da same she say we all da same,( Dey all da
But 100 I aint down wit all dem games, (All Dem Games)
Umma actually call you, (Umma call you)
Baby tell me can I call you. (Can I call u)
She say you dont pick up I say um gone pick up, (Say um
gone pick up)
If I aint busy umma hit you we can all get up
again,(All get up)
Umma actually call you,(Umma call you)
Baby tell me can I call you. (Can I call you)

[Verse#1] Ali
I aint lieing wen I say umma hit you up,
Aye wat you doing later maybe I can pick you up,
She say dont come over here if all you do is tryin to
Whatever happens it happens and she say good luck,
You must be special cuz I dont usually remember names,
She say shut up nigga cuz you just running game,
Um tryin to tell you you can swing my way,
I'll take yo out and we can kick it everyday.


[Verse#2] Legacy
She say da niggas dat she mess wit hit it den dey left
Dats why she aint believe me wen I say um different,
But babygirl um different dont have to keep ya
Most of da guys be slacking on ya but I am persistant,
Up in A-T-L-A-N-T-A most of da girls be into me,
But its okay I only want you to stop stayin low key,
And I get a place dat you can come thru and we can get
it on,
Say I promise umma call you but I had my fingers

[Verse#3] Strap
She say jerk kick kick it we can do dat,
She call me real quick say Strap boo where you at,
Um at da studio but shid dats fine,
Right now um kinda busy but hit me around nine,
Nikki and Brittany Tiffany and Niecy,
Both text messages talking bout dat dey miss me,
Forreal? Cuz dey kno umma motherf**ken differenter,
Forreal? And I can lock dese girls down like a


[Verse#4] Quez
She said I kno yo type and I said yeah is dat right,
You da type to one night and he aint never gone wife,
Ohhh aye I was looking shocked wen she said dat,
I think she was tryin to see where my head at,
So I saved her under California Nikki,
And when um in you city we can kick it,
Now um chillen shitty flossin and whippin,
I called up Nikki and say baby lets kick it.

[Verse#5] Ben J
See its boom boom clap,
Boom boom clap,
Shawty like me Ben J like dat,
You see me and you crack,
I see u and you fat,
Den we in da back door girl get it like dat,
Um surprise yall,
But shawty was my lifestyle,
Light skinned yellowbone,
Bad chick super grown,
Umma go go hard like she want me to do,
And when you see me umma actually call you.


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