Thula Lyrics

[Verse 1: Touchline]
I think I might be dying
But I might be lying
Maybe he owns my soul
But the body's mine
I need to go back in time just to find my mind
'Cause I think it got lost in my darkest times
I don't watch the news and those videos too
I think black on black killing always ups their views
What you think your kid's doing when he's not at school?
It's not a study group, it's a gangsta crew
Ng'fun' ukwazi us'thole kuphi is'bhamu at that age?
Ufunde kuphi ukugwaz' umuntu usaseku grade eight wena?
Funeral for your son, a mom's pain
Ntwana had to die to be the face of a campaign
A life in the fast lane
Got these kids going mad, manje ama-blood stain
Every week sifak' itende singcwab' abangan' bethu
Hold me tight mama wami it might be my last day
I'm saying...
Ngikhathel' uk' pretend-a eintlik
Tired of this Justice For Sbani-bani hash tag
Tired of these cops that don't help but stand back
If it was your friend, would you record these bad acts
Or would you jump in and just have your friend's back
I'm tired of the response time ye ambulance
Tired of politicians that just act
And pretend to care
When we know it's for votes and that's facts

[Chorus: Yallunder]
Thula mama, thula
Thula mama, thula
Thula mama, thula
Thula mama, thula
Konke kuzodlula (Kuzodlula)
Thula mama, thula

[Verse 2: Blaklez]
Mhhhm, ah yes!
Let me paint a picture with a tainted scripture
They can't feel our pain so they can't depict us
Listen, we're the future, you can't dismiss us You rape the system and parade as victors, whoa
Is this the freedom that many people die for?
We see you stuffing your face, many people die poor
We gon' be alright, hey mama what you crying for
Apple of your eye, sell myself I'm the istore
Should've prayed, should've listened to the preacher
But I lost face so my heart a little weaker
Another mother crying, another son meets the reaper
All that's left is blood stains on a sneaker
The long arm of the law is breaking
Who's there to snatch a brother from the palms of Satan?
Hope is fading, you're distracted
All debating about your two favourite rappers
And who's the greatest?

[Chorus: Yallunder]
Thula mama, thula
Thula mama, thula
Thula mama, thula
Thula mama, thula
Konke kuzodlula

[Verse 3: Touchline]
Maoulady ungakhali, i'ntwana zakho zisamile
Ngibong' umdali ukuthi sonke sisaphila
Ubhuti wami usejele and I don't have the key
But I have the bars that can set the people free, ironic
The streets are mad, we stay indoors
The devil has the sound of us crying as his ring tone
And Lez spoke about the istore
My eyes tore when I saw what he's dropping, need a blindfold
The best way to hide pain is a good smile
I heard black excellence is a hood crime
He killed his role in Matwetwe, good times
But that was a dress rehearsal for his goodbye
Upastor raising people from the dead
I wanna see dads raise kids instead
I hope friends don't retweet my fears
I hope God don't blue-tick my prayers

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Songwriter(s): Blaklez, Touchline
Record Label(s): 2019 Ghetto Kids
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