Big Dog
Tony Shhnow
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Big Dog Lyrics

I'm doin' this, you know
Don't do that (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Ayy, calm...
Ayy, chill the f*ck out (Mob)
A'ight? (Chapo)
You good? A'ight
Yeah, yeah
Everybody just... for real in this mothaf*cka
Everybody just chill the f*ck out, a'ight? (Ayy)
Yeah, we good, we straight (Okay)
Get you a drink (Yeah, yeah)
We good, we a'ight (Yeah)

I'm the big dog in the trap (Big dog), I should sign to TDE (Big dog)
All my opps is vegan, when they see me, they don't want no beef (Ooh, ayy)
They say I'm ballin' like I'm Jim, I just left from NYC (Hey)
All my boys, they play with bands, I keep them racks, they so in sync (Go, go, go)
Don't want your bitch, that p*ssy stink (Stink)
But that bad ho, she trippin' off E (Go, go)
My partner got birds, they singin' like Glee (Go, go)
f*ck trappin' on the side, made the whole plate P's (Go, go)
'Fore I nut on her face, made the ho say please
I'm beatin' her back, made her get on her knees (Ayy)
I'm countin' up money, she rollin' my weed
Her nigga upset 'cause she don't wanna leave (Damn)
I don't buy the ho shit, I just f*ck up her weave (f*ck up her weave, ayy)
Young nigga havin' that bread, so she wanna eat (Yeah, go)
I got no time for the birds, they just wanna tweet (Just wanna tweet)
I told that ho stay off the curb, don't play in the street (Hey, yeah)
If it's 'bout some bread, then I'm gon' get it (Wow, hey)
I'ma die with money 'cause it's a cold world, I wasn't born with it
I'm tryna scratch 'cause my palms itchin' ('Cause my palms itchin')
Don't you see me in that trap bustin' juugs?
I am nothin' like these rap niggas
Man, shut the f*ck up with that cap, nigga
You ain't never seen no bale, you ain't never pushed a pack, nigga
Now watch how I pull off with them racks, nigga (Yeah)
They say we on some freaky shit 'cause all my niggas carry straps with 'em

[Outro: Mary J. Blige]
If you looked at my life
And see what I've seen (La-da-da-da-da, Chapo)
If you looked at my life
And see what I've seen (La-da-da-da-da)
If you looked at my life
And see what I've seen (La-da-da-da-da)
If you looked at my life
And see what I've seen
My life, my life, my life, my life...

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