Shock Therapy


Shock Therapy Lyrics

SHOCK THERAPY (naked truth pt.5)

Somethin keeps him (tonex) movin but no one seems to know (x3)
What it is that makes him go ....

Can't have 2/3 of me
Gotta take all of me mystery of iniquity
Took off my garments of hypocrisy
Government or theocracy
Republican or democracy
Luther changed bureaucracy
I don't know if you heard me
I'm the great controversy
Lordy lordy have mercy
Hungry and I'm thristy
Educate me please don't church me baby
Sick of fake christians
Never on a mission
Repent for your remission
Whatever happened to submission ?
Truth is I'm jaded love it or you hate it
Down participating stop procrastinatin'
You ain't' jamaican you jafakin'
Time 2 take your rightful placement
Crates of vinyl in the basement
Spirit first---- flesh incasement
Yes I'm gonna say , y'all just gotta face it
Pulled out your tale and you gone chase it
40 years in the wilderness
Carnal minds ain't feeling this
Askin' "why ?" like jadakiss
Ignorance ain't ever bliss
Never knew it would come to this oh no

Somethin keeps him (tonex) movin but no one seems to know (x3)
What it is that makes him go ( shock therapy )

Yo I'm gone say it what the hell !
Standing up to jezebel
Like the Smurfs stood up to Gargamel
Lighting incense masks the smell
Febreeze is much more efficient
If your high stay out the kitchen
Lay off the beef and find some chicken
Halloween means trick or treatin
Demonic freaks come out at night
Vampires can't stand the light
Beware of universal religions off spring of the moabites
Modern day idolatry up in christianity
Worshippin' the creature; your pastor ain't the main feature
Sometimes I don't know what I see
Looks can be decieving maybe it's because I'm grieving
I see things much more cleary now
Religion scared me into thinkiin'
That I ain't really a christian if I go to the movies
Got my tickets so just sue me
Mama's gettin older and the game is getting colder
By the minute know yo got some questions baby just admit it
Do it cuz I said so sho' nuff be getting old
If it ain't in the scriptures you can't tell me a thing yo, yeah

Somethin keeps him (tonex) movin but no one seems to know (x3)
What it is that makes him go ( shock therapy )

Once upon a time I would get shocked like you and
Once upon a time I was a lot like you
I used to justify my actions making fractions of the scriptures
Mind manipulated by the organized religion
Once I got a whiff of God Jehovah things start switchin'
Changed my paradigm and now I see the big picture
Stick your hand out all you want but your big ring I won't be kissin'
Sunday ain't the sabbath; Terminator can't speak english
So waddle back and forth in a tux like a peinguin
Sanctified masqurade of big hats and loud sequins
I believe what I was taught but what's the beef with still seeking
For knowledge education revelation what's "The Secret" ?
Scared that I 'll find out the everything you said was bull ?
Scared that I'll find out that you're a wolf sportin wool ?
Think again Benny I'm the Leader of a New School
Repentin not lamentin is the way and that's the truth QUA

Somethin keeps him (tonex) movin but no one seems to know (x3)
What it is that makes him go ( shock therapy )

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Record Label(s): 2008 Nureau iNK
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