Freaky Behavior Lyrics

Sometimes I can't he-help myself...

AwwwwwwWWWWWWWWWW yeah!

[Verse One]
It was a few years back...if I recall...
I was out on tour, Miami, just havin a ball!
Had a few Medinas one night, we decided to hit this club
Twelve deep, gotta FREAK, 'cause y'know I got major pub
Little did I know that I was in for a big surprise
Met this lil' sweet cutie thang wit' them beautiful golden thighs
+He+ said, "Tony, y'know I'm playful we can, huh, do the Do"
I said, "I'm goin' back to my plac' baby, the Falcon ?Bleu?"
We got off the elevator, to my suite on the nineteenth floor
But inside, my boy {?} was tearin' UP this score
So me and this little ?isph? drove down to the beach and sssoothed
I was diggin' up sand and that baby howlin' at the moon
I was all up in the mix and everything was copasetic
An officer came, shined his light, and said ("Son, you can forget it!")
I yelled for help, but the punk said, "There's no one left to save ya"
DAYMN! [Damn] Locked up for my um...freaky behaaavior

My freaky behavior
My freaky behaaaavior, whaaa...
My freaky behavior
Sometimes I can't he-help myself...

("") [x4]

I remember back...when I was five-and-a-half
Hangin' out a my homie's lil' six-year old birthday bash
Me and my next-door neighbor, Big Willie, know him that well
I used to play with him anyway, 'cause his mom was fine as hell!
Y'know one of them brothaz, who's moms look real young...
And just ta get a glimpse, you used to go over and play wit' her son, yeah!
Well back to this party, it was boring and kinda slow
Playin' "Pin the Tail on a Donkey", hey, and my turn to go
They blindfolded me, but I could see her so, yes
I pinned the tail smack-down, boom, Kenny's mom chest
I couldn't help myself y'all, ha-as the Lord is my Savior
WHOO, I got the whoopin' of my life from my ya... my freaky behaaavior, whaaa
My freaky behavior, um...
My freaky behaaaavior, what?
My freaky behavior...

Sometimes I can't he-help myself...

"LET'S...{?} real cool!" [x3]
"He's no fool!" [x2]

"HUH!" "HUH!"
"HUH!" "HUH!"
"HUH!" "HUH!"

Since I'm from Cali...I do a lil' swimmin'...
This one particular time, I had a whole POOL fulla women
One swam over ta me, and of course she was doin' her breaststroke
Very damn extremely trimmin', she looked very dope!
She said, "Let's go inside, Tony! And make love for {?}"
I said, "Why we gotta go inside, baby? Let's do it right here!"
She said, "Here? In front of all these people? No way, forget it!"
I swam away, she said, "WAIT! Okay, I'm wit it!"
She took off her bikini, so I KNOW it was time to jam...
and I was on the water, knockin' boots like Blackuaman [Aquaman] can!
She start to drown, so of course I have to save her!
DAYUM! [Damn] I just can't help it chya'll it's my...freaky behaaavior

Hm, my freaky behavior
Hm, my freaky behaaaavior, whaaa...
What? My freaky behavior
Sometimes I can't he-help myself...

("") [x2]
"LET'S...{?} real cool!" [x3]
"He's no fool!" [x2]
("") [x2]

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