When Time Stops Lyrics

[Verse 1: Son Of Light]
When it's done then it's done now you already did it,
Rhyme spit it time splitted we all gon get it,
Time's relevant I beat around the bush,
Like an elephant and we never forget too,
Step through this beat we let you,
Throw your hands in the sky and scream what kept you,
I'm not done yet the sun rises but there ain't no sunset as we embark on
this dark journey,
I'm done with the cast that tried to burn me,
I'm done with the things that don't concern me,
I turn with the tide we all die sometime and life solidify seen through
pretty eyes,
I swim with the sharks and dip with piranhas,
I'm done with the calm before the storm drama,
And i'm next to none if you a Trinity soldier you're next to Son.

[Verse 2: A-Lee]
I'm done quitting, I'm done with it, I'm confident,
You're compited, wrong figure and all minutes,
Life's sad when it's done you're sorry,
Why you think that sad movies are true stories,
Why you think that fast moving is you for it,
Might to think that actually is you falling,
Break it apart shit my brain's gone,
I ain't calm can't wait long to stay strong,
The day calms when I gotta decide a lot of my life,
It's not surpised I'm going out of my mind,
I picture myself I can't do I'm out of all the,
Lecture myself demons i got a lot of,
Make sure it sell bits gather for me lord I,
Beg for you help sip jealous a holy water,
I'm only what i chose to be and i'm on the force to see trying to sort 'em
of to me what.

[Chorus: A-Lee]
When do he choose time,
I keep handling situations and dangerit,
End soon is you die,
We seen it happen but never seem to imagine it,

[Verse 3: Son Of Light]
I've always been me, sin in me,
Strange but in the beginning of times at rhyme in me,
Shine at why is it that diamond shine isn't that ironic ebonic's the side
that divide ah,
Center still shine so divine, still full of it, still ordinary client,
Fill auditoriums we call this rap emporium not your everyday life is

[Verse 4: A-Lee]
Yo I've always been me,
Caught red handed embarrassed and then ran to the nearest
of friends in to the darest offending my appereance
extense in so I'll hear it for ten day didn't hear it
depends man do I fear it.
Besides I'm willing to rise and recognize,
What I've seen no more to come in my life,
When I die I know I'll die strong minded,
I'm Paul Whiting I'm so blind if I won't guide it,
The clock's ticking time just hand it to me,
You're only good for sixty minutes with Andy Roony,
I'm sick of hearing ridiculous things,
Thinking I won't get rid of these things city you screams hideous thought.

[Son Of Light]
Pity your thoughts I pity your scout ah,
The cities you fought i riddle you off ah,
Talk about hit the litter you off you like a rookie now yo we bringing the
blood sport.

[Chorus: A-Lee]
When do he choose time,
I keep handling situations and dangerit,
End soon is you die,
We seen it happen but never seem to imagine it,

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Record Label(s): 2005 Tee Productions

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