Freestyle 2018 Lyrics

Good afternoon everybody
It's time for some classical music

Yo, you can't tell me shit about rap or MC
I used to do it for a laugh but now I'm making money
All you motherf*ckers who tried to raw me but you all know my name it's T to the Z
I will bully your rhythm individually kill them every opportunity and every chance that I am given
I can make a man shiver with the flow that I deliver
Its a different type of current when you're swimming down my river
'Cause I got dreams and I aim to achieve
Visualise goals before I go sleep
Then I start a new day workout where I wanna be
It's cold in the streets so I come with the heat
And it gets bare views like I'm on the news
I'm a one ting man make your chick confused
How she's sat with you but she could be laid with me
I live up in the hills now I came up off the street
Now I've got a big drive just because I've got drive
The only time I used to drive is when I was out on the night
Out with the lads calculating that graft
Ragging cash out the wall
Or pulling weed from a gaff
I'm sticking around like Lennon and Yoko
Never getting rid of me never thats a no-go
Manamana moving like a boss up in the disco
Touch down, light up, set it off, loco
And i'm way ahead you man behind like a slow coach
Got the whole game box stopped in a choke hold
Yeah I got a vision see it clear like a GoPro
Get the gally bouncing up and down like a pogo

This year I'm on a different wave
Crashed the Ferrari last year close shave
Nearly went six feet deep in the grave
And the f*cking ting cost me three-hundred K
But man's still hot and I'm still getting paid
Cause no body ever test my work rate
The next Ferrari's Gun-metal grey with yellow callipers on a nineteen plate
And a man got big bars all day ah
And now I'm coming for the whole U.K ah
They don't want it to go my way
But haters sit back and watch me slay
'Cause nobody's spitting like me no more
Always chatting about gangland war
They be like "I'm a soldier, I got a new watch and I got bare guns and blah blah blah"
Well I just want to have fun and that
Can't be arsed with all guns and straps
Half of the baka's who chat about crackers
Ain't ever seen no man letting of caps
They ain't ever packed no Glocks' and mag's
They ain't ever had to scope out any arm blags
About robbing man with S and Wesson's
But they ain't have to wash up in petrol rags
My day one man are really sick
Most of these rappers ain't squeezed no clips
Most of these rappers ain't have to bath when the waters laced with petrol and gas to clean off he shrapnel from spraying a gaff
They keep anonymous in the dark at the back
These real shotta's don't do it for a laugh
These sort of man you ain't never gonna catch

All these MC's be hoping and praying that Tom Zanetti don't get back on the mic and start spraying
Cause they know I set levels, lift off super saiyan
Give me the beat that they got, breathe fire and I slay them
Hating on my status thinking that is their way in
Eager for my reply so they can see what I'm saying
I put them back to sleep make them wish they had a lay-in
Cause i'm flowing all night barred up to the AM

Baddie get me giddy giddy gally wanna see me
If they're coming for my money
Then my gally silly billy

Baddie get me giddy giddy gally wanna see me
If they're coming for my money
Then my gally silly billy

This years not about relationships
This year is about making hits
This year is about stacking chips
And this year is about feeling lit
TZ's a gold plated artist
Watch how the views go mad on this
One day I get the A-list playlist
I'm gonna get the recognition one of the greatest
'Cause me and my team, we're gonna get famous
No label be able to tame us
Gonna cause riots in the raves and press
So I'm headlining shows and headlining papers
And I'm gonna need the heaviest agent
Who can watch me write-off stages
My gang needs to know straight up that a mad situation I ain't no stranger
Made in Leeds born off Manor Road
Since I was a man I've been making dough
Shot a couple Keg's and I licked a couple grows
Had to graft everyday until the music blow

Original MC
Funky and friendly
Make your gally feel like she's buzzing off MD

Ha, ha make your gally feel like she's buzzing off MD
Yo, don't even know what I'm saying I'm just throwing the bars out
Tom Zanetti, new bars 2018
Don't take life to serious
f*ck it, Bye

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