Mo Money
Tokyo Jetz


Mo Money Lyrics (feat. London Jae)

[Chorus: London Jae]
Mo money, mo money
Mo money, Imma put it all on this one

[Verse 1: Tokyo Jetz]
I never thought that I'd be in my position
I was praying for this day, and God was my only witnis
Mama hate, I just wanted it to show you
That yeah, I dropped that, but I still made it like I'm posed to
Watch that butter bubble, put it up like I'm doing dishes
Granny used to pick us up in the Catalack
Now that Bentley full of clothes, they blelong to your sister and your cousin
See, we went through hell, with my aunties and brothers
Make a payment while you sleep, bring food if you gready
I'm just reminiscing, man, I just need a reason
Hit the store, we swipe it up, DBT
Go to CrayCray's house, cause we ain't have no BET
Remember when we stole from the stove, just to sell it in the hood
We like everything a dollar, just see my mama in that house
I been countin that, we made a way, when there ain't one
And we all needed that, me and my nigga London
Remember heatin water, we just tryna take a bath
I'm just countin blessings, na, that ain't even half
None of this is easy, but I'm still standin
For my family, I kill a nigga with the Mac

[Chorus: London Jae]
Mo money, mo money
Mo money, Imma put it all on this one

[Verse 2: Tokyo Jetz]
3 As on my neck, I think I need to ad another one
Just got a chain, right, and I ain't gotta give no brother one
I need me a M, for all four As
I know them better days is coming, all they gotta do is wait
Even if it ain't a will, Imma still make a way
Yeah, I pray for m, keep m safe, Lord
Promis they goin see everythint different
Won't even have to go dry, won't even have to risk it
I was beefin with my sister, while we beefin with the world
I gave up a little, so she had my little girl
I o her the world, she to humble, she be trippin
She don't like the extra shit, she be standin for the business
Move with my brothers, we ain't even have a sofa
Don't ask bout my parents, I still love m like I posed to
We ain't see eye to eye, so I really wasn't close to them
Tell me that they love me, I hope it, I believin them

[Chorus: London Jae]
Mo money, mo money
Mo money, Imma put it all on this one

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Songwriter(s): Tokyo Jetz, London Jae
Record Label(s): 2018 Grand Hustle EMPIRE
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