Rumors Above Lyrics

why am i alive
it's such a tragedy
no one can leave me alone
it's so annoying

god help me fix my life
the song i am singing
if filled with hate and feith
my brother is siting on a chair
stuming the guitar

the course he missed, i yelled for
baby on top mountain
fixing life of me
everybody around me
everybody go home

fixing my life
fixing for you
for fans i dance and wave
loving me

some times i feel black
but why not puprple or green
somebody help me now
find me a way
a way home
the place i belong

the fame is tearing me apart
rumors are starting
never ending
the world is round
but i'm flat
my heart's black
and it will never come back

something came be fix
but nothing can be realized
in my eyes thers me
me me me me
so black

my hair
my eyes
my nose
my every thing
is rumor

godless i want you
i want you
on mountain i will buy
just a nother concet out
money high
again rumors starting

being black
being purple
being grey
my heart is just a flame
that it will turn to pain

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Meaning to "Rumors Above" song lyrics (9 meanings)
Bri Kaulitz 05/22/11,11:04

ok, i couldn't even listen to the song! what's up with that? i agree, the lyrics are deep and very personaly and your shadow i can shine? that was a song about hating his life to!connection?
kodieXXXkathie 05/10/11,21:48

Ok i'm sorry but how the hell do any of you know that bill wouldn't write that? and also theres nothing wrong with those lyrics. they're deep and touching even if its not a tokio hotel song.
echoliebe 09/09/10,22:36

Not Tokio Hotel. Someone just thought they'd be 'funny' or something and post lyrics as 'Tokio Hotel' This song doesn't even exist. (there's no recording)
Th love 06/24/10,08:09

Why would Tokio Hotel say this?..I've never heared this before...who ever did this...Good luck on your stupidity....
Heidi 04/28/10,11:43

nope. not a TH song. :P i never even heard it from anywhere. what person would write that? ik Bill wouldnt.
XxT2theJayexX 04/23/10,22:47

.....Is this a Tokio Hotel song or not? Cuz I've never heard it and from me that's saying something...
intheparkinglot 03/04/10,18:33

This is just someone's song that they posted listing it as a Tokio Hotel song - which it's definitely not. Nice try, though.
Nikki Kaulitz 01/22/10,13:25

I agree, this cant be Tokio Hotel... there is no such song anywhere i've spent like the last hour or so searching and there is nothing like this. And also, Bill wouldnt write something like that.
kuroshi 01/13/10,13:16

I have found these lyrics on several web sites.. but there is no such song?! or am i missing something?
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